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Employees nowadays use multiple platforms and apps, and integrating this workplace technology is one of the biggest HR priorities. By connecting your existing technology, we ensure a seamless experience for your employees, IT departments, and other LOBs.
employee experience platform integrations

Human Resources Information Systems

HR needs to share employee data with IT so that it can regularly be provisioned and updated.  Manual exchange of such data creates various problems, especially in large enterprises.

Our employee experience suite is built on the SAP Cloud Platform and is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors. Through native API connectors, our customers can streamline and automate many of their employee efforts using workflows triggered by data from their HRIS solutions.

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Communication & Collaboration

With hundreds of millions of daily active users, embedding these channels into our Employee Experience Platform results in higher end-user adoption.

Our integrations with intranets, workplace communication channels, and social and professional networks make employee recognition, communication, and feedback more streamlined, social, personalized, fun, and intuitive.

Digital Awards

Our technology integrates with reputable digital rewards and redemption providers. We collaborate with the industry leaders that shape the future of global branded payments, and we integrate with various e-commerce platforms and established nonprofits around the globe.

These integrations enabled us to build and provide the most extensive digital gift catalogs within our employee recognition and rewards solution.

System Integrators

We collaborate with well-respected, leading system integrators. Together, we make the necessary transformation to compete effectively in the digital market and empower intelligent enterprises.

By helping clients transform through industry solutions and IT modernization, we enable them to move confidently into the digital future, providing connected apps to enterprises of all sizes.


Single Sign-On and Authentication

Organizations and employees use many different applications and digital solutions to stay connected. We improve user experience by memorizing sign-in credentials and decrease data breach risks with the use of strong passwords.

Our Employee Experience Platform works with various SSO solutions which saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud.

Other Technologies

employee experience platform integrations
employee experience platform integrations

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