Our Purpose

We challenge ourselves to live up to our company’s purpose with every decision we make and every action we take. Thanks to our people who know how to enhance performance and achieve results, we bring our “raison d’être” to life.

Customer and Employee Success Through the Acts of Giving
Our products gravitate around the acts of gratitude, communication, and enablement while stimulating work vibes to our employees and customers. They resonate with our human need for relatedness, sense for teamwork, and social appreciation, possessing the highest emotional frequency.

In Serving Customers, Together We Grow for a Better World
By utilizing our solutions and services, we help societies, and our customers, to enrich their nurturing culture, transform their employees’ experience, and improve performance. We are making small steps towards building a better world, filled with more compassion, empathy, and extra smiling faces.

“Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service”
Inspired by Mother Teresa

Our Values Derive from Our People-Centered Culture

We believe in the power of culture!
By carefully nurturing our culture and authentic start-up mindset, we are driven by continuous growth, quick to move from planning to action, fearless in experimenting, and humbly working to change the world for the better.

The Teams Behind Our Success


Our passionate, creative and enthusiastic marketing team is responsible for the marketing funnel, strategic content creation, and the brand experience. The team masters in positioning and growing our company by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, partners, and customers

The sales team helps prospects and customers to uncover their needs and articulate the value of our products in driving employee and business success. A team of trusted advisors is ready to help and serve along the buyer’s journey. We are here to assist you in topics like business value, risk, cost, and impact to support the strategic objectives. We also provide information on how to drive planning, justification, and migration details, or technically how it works, what is the better way, and how it will help to shape the future.

The customer success team operates as trusted counsellors by providing an integrated, insightful, and proactive experience of support to secure successful customer onboarding, gaining seamless adoption, and get the most out of our platform. We care a lot that any customer remains a happy member of our community, and to become a brand advocate.

Balancing youth, knowledge, and experience and led by Milan Rizov, our Product team is responsible for creating experiences that everyone loves and values. Our imperative is to create the easiest and most delightful product by reinventing user experience, increasing capability, quality, and reliability. We continuously provide unseen, freshly-baked, competitive features.

Agile practices are in our genes, by staying engaged with customer needs and high-speed time-to-market releases delivery. Ultimate freedom of expression and solving quintessential challenges is what makes our developers stand out. Led by Vele Pavlovski and Petar Tagasi, they create masterpieces that are real, engage, move, make you feel, and deliver profound results.

A perfect blend of art and science design team finds sheer beauty in developing valuable products. As people speak languages, our designs speak our products. Led by Teo - Todor Trpevski, our UX/UI design team bases its work on heavy research and unorthodox tech processes to create the simplest, most meaningful, yet many-sided designs, which linger with everyone privileged to experience it.

Supervised by Nena Dimovska, it drives an open-minded, proactive, inclusive, and encouraging culture, resulting in increased levels of engagement, enablement, and retention of top performers. Empowered to strengthen the teams, boost employee morale, and provide transparent and humanistic programs.

Responsible for providing trusted and long-term business relations with leading technology and solution providers, vendors, and strategic partners. This partner ecosystem truly amplifies our solutions and the value they bring to our customers leading to customer satisfaction, superior quality service, reliability, and high-level security standards.

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