Enabling Perfect Experience for Every Level of the Company

With world-class employee experience programs, there are different expectations and demands for different roles. Using a team of highly skilled employees, ongoing UX and CX research and active program participation, we are able to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

We make sure to cover all bases when it comes to implementing the platform, analyzing its usage, customizing the program, or communicating the change.

“We wanted a solution that would help us drive cultural change in JTI. As our employees were looking for more appreciation, implementing Rewards & Recognition program with JobPts was the perfect solution.”
Andrew Bean, HR Director, People & Culture, Japan Tobacco International

Employee Experience

Providing User Experience Employees Will Enjoy

Seamless experience leads to great results. Understanding that employees are the essence of each organization, we developed solutions to make the user experience easy, meaningful, and fun.

Your employees will enjoy interacting with our platform, all while building a flourishing culture.

Reach Every Employee Everywhere They Work

Reach all your employees with zero loss of functionality or company branding, on desktop or mobile. Our multi-channel access will enable both your office-based and deskless workforce to take part of the new experience.

From corporate updates to local news and HR information, an employee app brings all your EX activities and communications together seamlessly.

Extend Your Employee Experience in Microsoft Environment

Our first-grade employee experience solution seamlessly integrates with your communications network.

Microsoft-centered solutions are key assets for global workforces.

As a certified Microsoft Partner, we enable integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Teams with AI-based chatbot, and SharePoint so your employees receive your desired EX programs inside the platforms they use daily.

Integrate EX Programs to Your Company Intranet

Private networks are an essential part of corporate communications infrastructure. A great solution builds on top of your company Intranet, not from the outside.

Integrate your EX programs to your Intranet, expand your most powerful internal communication resources and consolidate all your communication efforts.

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Manager Experience

A Powerful Tool That Helps Managers Succeed

Managers can leverage our platform’s analytical capabilities to see their teams’ performance and act on new opportunities. Highly customizable analytics and reports integrable with core HR systems allow best-in-class reporting that considers what truly matters in your company.

Keep Updated About Employees’ Progress in Real-time

Managers can follow the communication flow within the platform or through real-time notifications of their choice. They will receive notifications about employee activity. Thanks to the platform’s capabilities, your team of managers can observe how employees use the modules and choose to intervene if needed.

Reporting That Drives Business Insights

We provide an entire team overview to help understand how the team performs and engages within the modules. Managers can now see the bigger picture, find the top performers in the organization, nurture a blooming culture and make data-based decisions.

Full Transparency to Showcase Our Impact

Continuous improvement for a delightful employee experience. Using our platform, managers can track important metrics and KPIs. We make it easy to follow the organization’s growth and detect the impact our platforms make. Use reporting to identify significant workforce trends and find opportunities to improve engagement.

Stay in the Loop

Get the Most Detailed Insight Into Your Team’s Satisfactions

Admin Experience

Easily Manage Programs and Make Them Serve Their Purpose

Keep track of the impact of your employee experience programs. Administrators get a complete picture of all active programs and how they are being utilized, thanks to the platform’s ease of use. Keep track of the resources used and the program’s impact and ensure flawless adoption that covers all bases.

Help Every Step of the Way

Ensure program success with a team’s expert assistance. We cover all your technical and change management inquiries with highly trained, specialized teams of program managers and IT specialists. With our backing, administrators can easily focus on additional improvements and customizations that suit your company the best.

Connect Data to Actions

Improve program adoption with clear insights from your company data. We provide clear reports based on your HRIS data, making detecting program adoption opportunities a breeze, and prioritizing the next steps in your employee experience journey.

Effortless Program Continuation

A user-friendly platform is designed to provide an intuitive experience that removes all struggles of onboarding. We help you onboard every administrator, ensuring the program continuation even in the case of turnovers in the team. Additionally, dedicated customer success managers ensure every program information is documented, making handovers quick and easy.

Remove All the Hassle From Program Management
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Team Experience

Impact Your Teams’ Results

Assist your team’s success. Take a step toward data-driven decision-making boosted with actionable impact. Our programs help businesses lower employee turnover, increase employee happiness, and win the best employer awards.

Spotlight Company Values

Company culture is more than a catchphrase. Our platforms bring your company’s culture to life, increasing program adoption by highlighting the value employees receive from the organization and assisting them in recognizing and appreciating their sense of belonging.

Empower Your Team To Drive the Change

Impact culture from within. Empower HR to improve the company’s culture, communications, wellness, and learning. Your team will be inspired to take on any challenge and lead the way to better performance and engagement, which will benefit the entire enterprise.

Is Your Team on the Same Page?

The biggest challenge of continuous EX programs is keeping up with the activities across various teams. Our solutions help your team keep the flow of crucial information steady by making the best out of our internal comms and project management capabilities. With flawless share of information, your team can make the best out of their time and focus on strategic impact the EX programs will deliver.

Enable the HR Team To Take Charge of Company Culture