Create a Viable Career Path for Any Employee

With Skills, you’ll have a crystal-clear vision for your employees’ career growth. Encourage internal mobility and help employees grow inside the company. Use our unbiased reports, streamline employee skill management and make the best decisions for promoting and upskilling employees.

“The easiest way to win in the struggle for talents is to grow your own. We help you discover AI-enhanced data on employee talents left unattended. By filling talent gaps internally, you ensure prolonged employee satisfaction, as well as reduced onboarding and hiring costs.”
Ana Binovska, Professional Services Lead

Evaluate the Skills Inside Your Organization

Skills Platform offers enterprise-level Intelligent data collection and analytics software to identify and document information about your workforce’s skill set.

Combine multiple data points like employee resumes, performance reviews, recognitions and other Talent Analytics stats to fully understand your company’s talent pool.

Invest in your people, and watch your company succeed.

Identify Upskilling Opportunities

Promoting instead of hiring is the epitome of building a culture of appreciation. Addressing skills deficit and developing new competencies among employees will help find the right match within your company when filling a new role.

The insights from Skills Platform in 15+ languages will help you identify your top talent and curtail employee turnover.

Unlock Your Employees’ Full Potential

Companies, industries, skills, and even employees themselves change, and you need a strong database to keep track of those dynamics.

Skills Intelligence uses integrations to learn, evolve, and grow with the employees and the organization.

Keep your employees’ skills profiles automated and up-to-date, and never worry about missed opportunities within your organization. Skills Intelligence evaluates and recommends which employees fit into your organization’s growth initiatives.

Supercharge Employee Development ⚡

Bridge The Skills Gaps

Equip your hiring team with the best-in-class skills solution to identify skill gaps and hire the right people with the skills you need.

The Skills tool gives your HR a detailed skill gap analysis and recommendations to bridge the gap. You will fill empty vacancies faster than ever and reach a new level of internal mobility.

Upskill in a Heartbeat

Employee upskilling becomes standard practice with the Skills tool in your toolkit.

Our ace solution will help you align your employees’ talents with new skills your company needs. You’ll get a match for upskilling candidates within your organization based on the skills-related data and feedback reports.

Consolidate Mentoriship Programs

Make the best use of senior talents and help them grow the talents in your company. With advanced skill recognition, simplify matching mentors with mentees, track their progress and ensure the training is put to best use.

Your best talents are a solution for the skill gap. Empower them to solve it.

Evolve Knowledge Transfer in Your Company

Increase Employee Retention for Good

With Skills, the days of low employee retention rates in your company are over. You won’t have to pay the high cost of employee turnover anymore.

Detect employee learning opportunities before it’s too late and re-engage your lapsed workers. Prolong the tenure of your employees by offering them a path to grow their skills and advance their careers.

Pinpoint Employee Skills With Data

The employee data from our solution is your new HR compass.

Use analytics from Skills to track the state of your workforce, identify challenges, and act. Our tool’s outstanding data features combine AI with natural language processing to detect employee skills even if the skills have not been mentioned or referred to.

Align Talents With Business Objectives

Ensure your best talents are where they should be. When properly utilized, your best employees will not only solve the problems they challenge but grow themselves and others while doing that. With AI guidance and real-time detection of skills, speed up resolving the business challenges and growth of talents.

Take Skills Management to the Next Level 📈

Comprehensive Talent Analytics at the Tip of Your Fingers

Successful enterprises are built by talented employees. Start mapping out your employee talents with Skills’ Talent Analytics feature and cultivate talents for the long run.

Once you understand your employees’ talents, our solution will align them with the skills your enterprise needs.

Learn From Multiple Data Sources

Receive recommendations for process improvements, eliminate anomalies and accelerate business growth by combining workforce data from multiple sources.

Skills AI combines multiple data sources, including manager and peer-to-peer recognition and received feedback, to get a clear image of an employee’s talent and development opportunities.

Forecast Organizations Capabilities and Needs

Use AI-enhanced data to anticipate skills movement and prepare for your organization’s needs. Set up mentorship programs or find new hires in advance to ensure ongoing projects continuity without worrying about skill gaps or talent shortage.

Supercharge Talent Growth With Data-backed Insights