Professional Services

We deliver best-in-class services that help your organization reach the next level of employee experience.

From designing perfect-fit programs, to ensuring enterprise-wide platform adoption, you will get step-by-step support that will stay long after we’ve supercharged your employee satisfaction.

”Semos Cloud was EXCEPTIONAL to work with. We now have a highly branded tool that seamlessly fits within our intranet and features a ton of awesome rewards options for our team. Feedback since go-live has been very positive, but even better is the measurable adoption of the product we’ve seen through user engagement and reporting.”
Marc Farrugia, Senior VP, Culture and Innovation at Sun Communities

Program Design

Taking the Stress Out of Program Design With First-Class Expertise

Our experienced, professional services team takes care of every step of the Employee Experience programs in your company. The team will work with you to determine your desired outcomes from the employee experience platform. Powered with in-depth HR business and technology expertise, we make sure to partner up on all client service needs and design programs that consistently deliver results.

Customer-tailored Programs Designed To Last

We find, elevate, and nurture the best parts of your organization’s culture with expert strategy, program design and execution. We’ll co-create initiatives to help you build everyday employee experiences that fuel success every step of the way. Employee experience programs are tailored and based on your unique culture and company values with each multiple rounds of research, interviews, customizations, and training paving the way for perfect deployment.

Applying Industry Best Practices and Future of Work Trends

Get industry best practices and proven methods validated by our continued success with customers. We work with leading experts and customers in the employee experience space who validate our programs to ensure our clients get the best, tested out, and proven value for their money. Trends we see that influence our platform and the program design include great resignation, health & wellness, dynamic teams, hybrid work, skills intelligence and more.

We Go Beyond the Go-Live

Our professional services team represented by consultants and customer success managers will be with you through every step of the way. With your company’s culture and employee demands evolving, employee experience programs should as well.

“One thing that ensures our customers get the best onboarding experience is that we never stop onboarding them. We detect unique opportunities for every location or hierarchy and ensure they truly get the best out of our programs.”

Ana Binovska, Professional Services Lead


Reliable Onboarding That Guarantees Program Success

Successful onboarding is the core of successful solution adoption. After equipping you with our innovative Employee Experience platform, a dedicated team will guide you to make the best of it.

A highly specialized team consisting of Customer Success Manager (CSM), Technical Architect, Implementation Specialist, Product Designer, Communication Expert and Support – all make sure the program is on-time implemented, meticulously maintained, and continuously improved.

Full Configurability Tailors Our Solution to Your Needs

Solution onboarding isn’t solely about learning new functionalities and features. Your company needs will be represented in your implementation as well. We’ll strengthen the onboarding process by configuring it not only to match the needs of your company but to put them under the spotlight.

The desired scope of programs, workflows, reports, integrations and enhancements will be executed through series of configurations and verified through multiple system walkthroughs.

Out of the Box Integration and Connectivity

Certified and verified integrations to your HR system, processes and productivity tools significantly reduce the risk and optimize the impact of your program. We apply native integrations that are standardized and work without costly middleware or consultants. Data migration, if required, is also done to ensure business continuity. Multiple levels of testing are performed to ensure the system is configured and integrated according to customer needs.

Superb Branding and Custom Extensions at Your Service

Having a strong brand and design can communicate large impact and leave everlasting impression on the new solution and program. We help create branding that is memorable and recognizable to your employees – drawing them into the product and making employees want to engage with it time and time again. For special and customer specific requirements, we even help you build and deliver those out to make the system truly yours.

“In Customer Success we translate our clients expertise to software features. We take pride in adapting our fully configurable solutions to unique customer requests that impact culture.”

Julijana Kekenovska, Customer Success Manager


Communicate Vision and Simplify Change Management

Adopting a company-wide HR technology is an important starting point to creating better experiences and impacting company culture. Our well-defined yet flexible adoption and communication plan offers a clear path to successfully impact your organization’s awareness and usage. We help you with suggesting a schedule, aligning the audience and also delivering the creative for internal communication.

Develop and Train the Champions and Change Agents

Our team will develop and train the administrators, people managers, key stakeholders and team members to build the change management capability and resilience. We also build customized user and admin guides and other relevant learning experiences to provide the business and product guidance that maximizes the use of our platform and promotes the company objectives.

Measure and Evaluate Program Effectiveness and Impact

We deliver metrics and dashboards to measure impact and iterate on the insights with improvements. From metrics on the implementation experience, platform utilization to customer sentiment and engagement, we ensure you have all the information you need as you make decisions about your organization’s employee experience program.

Optimize Experience and Drive Further Adoption

Using the insights collected, work with our customer success manager to make critical adjustments to ensure the continued success of your platform. By identifying possible optimization topics or new ideas, we help you evolve the program to meet future needs of the business and employees.

“One of the my favorite experiences is helping business leaders create meaningful and easy-to-interpret reports. We aim for our solutions to truly impact employee experience, and knowing our reports help leaders make best decisions is truly rewarding.”

Dragica Dalcheva , Customer Success Manager


Premium Support Model

Never let an unanswered question get in the way of hitting your goals. Our dedicated support team keeps you moving forward. Think of us as your concierge handling a broad variety of issues and topics in timely manner for the program and functional support, issues with rewards or points fulfilment, alumni support, technical support and technology platform support.

24/7 Support for All of Your Enquiries

Your employees’ needs are unique, and no answer fits all. Get the answers when you need them; we’re here to help with any obstacles your end-users may encounter to achieve their goals. Our solutions come with customer support and self-service knowledge base with chatbots available to you 24/7. Our team ensures that your employee and manager needs are taken care of from the very first minute we go-live.

Built-in Ticketing System to Keep SLAs on Track

End-users can request and track support cases inside the solution and via email. We offer dedicated built-in ticketing system that tracks all issues raised and gives full transparency on the SLAs. We constantly monitor the open issues and provide timely resolution. Also, company administrators can get overview of all support cases and see how they are processed.

Self-Service Reports, Manager Statements and Analytics

Learn and uncover actionable insights on the business, team and your own performance as employee. The solution comes packed with wide range of reports and analytics for employees, managers, and administrators. We support you with all information needs to gain or build the insights you need.

“One of our key business processes is making sure every single ticket we solve is a learning experience. We don’t just support our clients, but support entire business to ensure continuous improvement of our clients experience.”

Jelena Stefanovic, Global Customer Support