Consolidate Teamwork With Healthy Habits and Sustainable Causes

Drive engagement, satisfaction and healthy work relationships with wellbeing cloud.
We help your company keep employees healthy, drive a feedback culture that works, and empower employees in taking action around causes they care about in creating a sustainable world.

“To ensure sustainable growth, it’s vital for companies to take responsibility for their employees’ wellbeing. We can say a lot about benefits and what they do for decreased turnover or improved performance and engagement, but more than anything, they help employees be seen and treated as humans. And that should be every company’s #1 goal.”
Filip Misovski, CEO of Semos Cloud

Best-of-Breed Wellbeing Programs

Employee and company wellbeing are inseparable. Our solution redefines what it means to take care of your employees.

Foster employee wellbeing with meaningful initiatives that encourage healthy habits. The platform is easy-to-use and enables you to design wellbeing programs aligned with the specific needs of your employees.

Nurture Employee Wellbeing as a Team

Wellbeing initiatives can go a long way when there is team-wide support.

Our tool empowers you to set up team challenges for your entire organization, so that every employee can participate. Create programs like marathons or 10,000 steps challenges and enable your employees to enroll for wellbeing programs they favor most.

Wellbeing Programs That Keep Employees Engaged

With our solution you can bring employee care to a new level across your entire organization.

Semos Cloud’s wellbeing tool sends employees health suggestions based on their wellbeing activities, so they can prevent wellbeing risks. As a result, your company’s wellbeing program will enjoy unprecedented levels of employee engagement and program adoption.

Let’s Talk About Fully Personalized Wellness Programs!

Fine-Tuned Activity Library to Suit Everyone’s Taste

Definition of wellbeing varies among different people. Activities leading to it can as well. Instead of standard, one-fits-all models, we base our programs on diverse set of activities helping employees develop their best selves. Yoga, cycling, marathons or simple walks around the park can be promoted effectively among diverse work groups.

Rich Configuration Options for Easy Employee Involvement

We made it easy to make every activity available get the attention it deserves. All activities are optimized to easily track and share results with peers, have full social capabilities helping find interested teammates, set up new events and ensure the wellbeing program stays on top of every employee’s mind.

Social Capabilities That Create Strong Connections

We set up you employees to succeed in connecting with their peers. Make the best out of social capabilities that help employees find peers with similar interest, celebrate wellbeing successes, and regularly update employees on available activities they can take on. Let employees take on new challenges as a team and see how well their newly created bonds improve workplace.

Help your employees be their best selves.

Enrich Your Workforce With a Purpose Through Volunteering Programs

Bring the best out of your employees’ character with Wellbeing&Sustainability.

Promote different volunteering activities within your organization as a key aspect of your culture. You can design programs based on employee skills or organize volunteering events for causes that mean the world to your employees.

Rally Employees Around a Noble Cause

Humane causes bring people together in a heartbeat. Whether it is volunteering in a shelter, or planting trees, our solution is a platform for connecting people through social responsibility.

Create volunteering incentives and help your employees support a fantastic cause together as a team.

Track Social Responsibility Data

Now you can understand the state of social responsibility in your organization, from the ground up.

With our solution, you can track volunteering data on an individual or collective level. See how much time your organization puts into volunteering and generate reports to keep track.

Engage With Your Community, Start Giving Back

Removing Barriers for Global and Local Donations

Wellbeing&Sustainability Cloud makes local and global donations a standard practice.

Regardless of where you want to donate, you can do it across our platform. Our solution enables your employees or organization to support any global charity or a local cause, without any barriers.

Administrate Fundraising Programs Like Never Before

Fundraising activities should be a rewarding, meaningful experience. Administrating your fundraising will come naturally once you hand our solution to your HR and total reward experts.

Consolidate all your fundraising efforts and administrate donations and fundraising programs form a single platform and make the process more efficient and transparent.

Fine-Tune Your Donations

Budgeting your organization’s fundraising activities is about to get easier.

With Wellbeing&Sustainability, you can now customize your donation methods and contribute the way it best suits your organization. Match employee contributions and provide them with the means to donate to moments of crisis when immediate donations are needed.

Let Us Help You Settle Your Fundraising Worries