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13 Creative Employee Appreciation Letter Templates

Author: Ravijojla Novakovic Last updated: February 22, 2024 Reading time: 16 minutes

Your employees work hard and deserve a company-wide shoutout. We’ve created this hefty blog post with employee appreciation letter templates that you can use to thank your employees for their effort.

Many organizations today are adopting employee appreciation methods in order to improve employee engagement, boost productivity and decrease turnover. 

In this article, you will find some useful employee appreciation letter templates that celebrate an employee’s contributions. You can use them in emails or print them to physically give out to employees.

Employee appreciation is an effort a company puts into recognizing their employees’ contribution to their company. You can appreciate employees for the job they did but also for their inherent value as a person.  

Employee appreciation has a substantial effect on employee motivation, as well as building better relationships with their higher-ups. 

13 Employee Appreciation Letter Examples 

You can find 13 samples of employee appreciation letters below. Additionally, you can use our editable templates for employee appreciation cards.

1. Employee Appreciation Letter for a Performance Achievement  

By receiving an employee appreciation letter after hitting sales target or finishing a project on time, your employees will feel recognized.  

Dear [employee name], 

Thank you very much for your hard work on closing the [client name] account. I’m aware of how much effort it took to coordinate with [department name] department and win the project in such a competitive trading environment.

Closing this deal shows your coworkers the importance of persistence and teamwork. You should be proud of your achievement, and we look forward to your successes in the future. 

Congratulations on behalf of all of us at [company name]! 

Thank you again, 

[your name] 

2. Employee Appreciation Letters to Employees for Hard Work 

Recognize your employees’ hard work with the following employee appreciation letter. 

Dear [employee name], 

I want to take the time to thank you for the extraordinary job you have been doing for [company name] lately. You have helped us achieve our goals without any postponements, and this sets an example of how a project should be handled for maximum benefits. 

Also, you did a wonderful job by training your team members on the newest trends in the industry, which made all the difference. I’m sure they truly appreciate your leadership. 

Thank you for playing such an important role in our company. We are grateful for your great contribution to [company name]. You deserve all the credit.

With deep appreciation for your efforts, 

[your name] 

3. Employee Appreciation Letter for Service Anniversary 

87% of recognition programs focus on tenure. Hitting such an important milestone shows your employees’ loyalty to your company. Let your employees know you appreciate them with this employee appreciation letter.  

Dear [employee name], 

Congratulations on reaching a service anniversary with [company name]!  

You have been with us at [company name] for [x time] now. This Service Award symbolizes the time and effort you have put to help us reach our goals.  

Your talents and actions are helping us achieve excellence every day. We hope that you take this token of appreciation as our sincere gratitude for making our company what it is today. 

Thank you for your continuous effort and stake in the company’s success. We look forward to many more of your service milestones. 

Best wishes, 

[your name] 

4. Employee Appreciation Letter for Collaboration  

If you have recently collaborated with a colleague, appreciate his or her contribution to your project.

Dear [employee name], 

I wanted to thank you for a great collaboration experience. During our time spent on [x] project, you have showed us the true effect of great communication skills and teamwork. With your contribution, we were able to finish our project before the due date. 

It was a real pleasure working with you! I look forward to our future cooperation.


[your name] 

5. Employee Appreciation Letter for Helping Out 

Encourage the appreciation culture by thanking a coworker who helped you using this employee appreciation letter. 

Dear [employee name], 

I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about [x]. During our meeting, you expressed several ideas that will help me run the [x] project. 

Thank you for being such a supportive colleague! I hope we will continue to collaborate in the future. As a matter of fact, I would love to schedule another meeting according to your schedule. When would be a good time? 

Kind regards, 

[your name] 

6. Employee Appreciation Letter for Teamwork 

There is no “I” in “team”! Endorse your coworkers for showcasing excellent teamwork.

Dear [employee name], 

As we are jointly working on finalizing the [x] project, I just wanted to thank you for contributing to a great teamwork atmosphere. 

The selfless sharing of your expertise and active involvement in our brainstorming sessions have led to an amazing [product]. You have helped us materialize our ideas while keeping the end-user’s experience in mind.

Thank you for your time and contribution! I hope we will have a chance to collaborate again.

Best regards, 

[your name] 

7. Employee Appreciation Letter for Innovation 

Today, many businesses fail because they are unable to adapt to technological changes. Start inciting innovative behaviors by recognizing your creative employees using this employee appreciation letter: 

Dear [employee name], 

Many thanks for your continuous out-of-the-box thinking! Your creative ideas are always welcomed with such excitement from the entire team.  

I cannot express enough how big of an asset to [company name] you are. By bringing such innovative concepts to the table, you are consistently improving our [x]. We are challenged by your imagination, and in the end, the [product name] gets better every day. 

Thank you and keep up the fantastic work! 

Best wishes, 

[your name] 

8. Employee Appreciation Letter for Leadership 

Did you know that recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work?  A good leader is hard to come by.

Acknowledge your manager for being an inspiring leader using this employee appreciation letter. 

Dear [employee name], 

We have been working together for the past [x time]. Since the first day, you have been an encouraging and supportive manager from whom I learned the true meaning of leadership. 

Your fantastic work and heartening promotion of the values we uphold at [company name] have been nothing short of inspiring. A true example of guidance, you have contributed to my professional growth and securing high workplace morale. 

It wouldn’t have been the same without you! I truly hope you will continue to lead me and our entire team with the same passion and excellence in the future. 

Thank you for being an amazing leader! 

Kind regards, 

[your name] 

9. Employee Appreciation Letter for Birthdays 

Birthdays are important milestones in your employees’ lives. Bridge the gap between personal and professional by appreciating your employees on their special days. 

Dear [employee name], 

We feel proud to call you our employee. You are a hard worker, creative and you always deliver! We at [company name] sincerely hope you know that your ongoing efforts do not go amiss. 

Happy birthday from all of us! We wish you many personal and professional accomplishments, as well as a bright day at the office, filled with joy and laughter. 

Looking forward to seeing you in the cafeteria at lunchtime – we have prepared a small gathering in honor of your birthday. 

All the best, 

[your name] 

10. Employee Appreciation Letter for Excellent Customer Service 

Customer service is a department in direct contact with your company’s product buyers. Recognize the employees that provide your customers with excellent experience. 

Dear [employee name], 

Since you have been working in our Customer Support team, our approval rates skyrocketed. Apart from resolving our customers’ issues faster, your politeness and can-do attitude are reflected in the increased quality of interactions with customers. 

We realize that your patience, professionalism, and helpfulness represent [company name]’s core values.  

Thank you for using your excellent problem-solving and people skills in our service. You are a valued member of our team, and we are looking forward to seeing you perform your best in the future. 

Thank you for providing such an excellent experience to our customers. 


[your name]  

11. Employee Appreciation Letter for Being You 

Dear [employee name], 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being you! The positive energy you bring to the office makes everyone’s day brighter. The positive work attitude you have inspires your team, and we are lucky to have you! 

Thank you for being a part of our team. We at [company name] appreciate your efforts in doing such a great job. In addition, your shinning nature makes us so happy to come to work every day! 

Keep up the good work! 

Best regards, 

[your name] 

12. Letter to Employees for Breaking the Sales Record

Dear [employee name],

Recently, you’ve been putting lots of extra effort into your everyday tasks. Your job title might as well be changed to “record breaker” because you’ve seen the best sales record in the history of the company! All of us are blown away by the outstanding job you and your team did. The sales department has never seemed as successful, and the employee morale is at its height.

Thank you for being a valuable member of our team,

Best wishes,

[your name] 

13. Appreciation Letter to Employees for Holidays

Never forget that holidays are important cultural events that people use to catch a break and reconnect. It’s a smart call to send an appreciation letter to employees, express gratitude and say thank you for a fantastic job.

Dear [employee name],

During your time here, you’ve faced all the challenges and come out strong and resilient. We want you to know that we’ve taken note of your outstanding performance. We hope you feel valued here and find meaning because you mean the world to us and the entire team.

Happy holidays,

[your name] 

Short Employee Appreciation Notes You Can Use 

If your company policy allows it, be creative and deliver some funny employee appreciation notes.  

Here are some examples you can use: 

  • Were you a chef in your previous life? Because all the food you bring to the office always smells and tastes so good! Thank you for lighting up everyone’s day with your awesome cooking skills! 
  • I think you should reconsider giving stand-up comedy a go! Your jokes are hilarious. They always make me feel so happy for being a part of the team. Thank you for bringing happiness to our office! 
  • Your hard work and originality are things that inspire us all! Congratulations on your service anniversary; we look forward to seeing many more. 
  • If desks could talk, yours would say, “Ouch”! You make such an effort. Thank you for all the hard work! 
  • Thank you for forcing all your managers to work harder! You make them set higher targets for doing such a great job. 
  • Your goals are scared of you because you never give up on them… Thank you for being such a great example of determination to all of us! 
  • Thank you for your wholehearted support. You play such an important role in my professional life. I’m so grateful to have landed you as a boss! 
  • I know you’ve had a lot of work in the last few months. I have given it to you because I trusted you’ll get it right. Please know that I value your hard work and support you. You are an inspiration to all of us. 
  • Happy birthday! Thank you for making work feel less like work every day. We wish you all the best!  
  • Your capability to connect with people is something that cannot be taught. Thank you for providing such a great experience to every new hire we have. You are a genius when it comes to making them feel so welcome and comfortable! 
  • I’m so happy that you treat me and the whole team as peers rather than subordinates. You are a great leader, and I love coming to work every day because of your empowering attitude. 

7 Brief Thank You Notes to Employees

1. Thank you note for helping out:

Hey [employee name], thank you so much for helping me out the other day! I was super busy, and the deadline was near. I hope you let me return the favor in the future!

2. Thank you note for successful collaboration:

Dear [employee name], I had an amazing time collaborating with you on the [x] project. You made some valuable points and made me see the issue from another perspective. Thank you for enriching my knowledge on the matter and helping us achieve a better solution!

3. A thank you note for sharing your knowledge:

I was amazed at how great you presented yesterday! Were you a teacher in your previous life? I learned so much from you in that meeting yesterday. Thank you for that, and keep it up!

4. Thank you note to managers:

Dear [manager name], I am so happy to have landed a position with you as a manager! You motivate me to work smarter, not harder. I have learned so much from your leadership, kindness, and professionalism. Thank you for your precious mentorship.

5. Thank you note for successfully completing a task:

Hey [employee name], I just wanted to thank you for successfully completing [x task]. It truly made my job easier. You are a teammate most could only wish for!

6. Thank you note for assisting with another employee onboarding:

Hey [employee name], I know it was out of your work schedule to help us welcome Jim to the team. It was really nice of you to show him how we work and that he can count on you. Thank you for your support!

7. Thank you note for covering while on sick leave:

Hey [employee name], I am so grateful to have you as a colleague! Thank you for jumping in while I was sick, I couldn’t have made it without you. You rock!

12 Tips for Writing Employee Appreciation Letters 

There are a couple of tips to follow when you are creating your employee appreciation letters. We have compiled a list of 12 points to take into consideration.

You can look at our top lessons learned about recognition and rewards programs to see how these notes can fit into your employee recognition strategy. 

Additionally, check out a comprehensive guide for implementing an employee recognition program.

1. Personalize 

Add a personal touch to the letter by using your employee’s name. You do not want your employees to think that this is just another email that was sent out to everyone in the office. 

2. Keep it brief and relevant 

Make your appreciation letter on point. Get the message across, but do not take too much of your employee’s time to read it. 

3. Specify what, why, and how 

Be specific whenever you can. First, state what action or behavior you appreciate an employee for. Second, point out why this action is important for the team, department, or your organization. Third, explain how this behavior helps your company get better. 

4. Align the tone of the letter to your company policy 

Your corporate communication style should dictate the tone of your message. Nevertheless, try to vocalize your sincere appreciation. The more natural you can make it sound, the better. 

5. Look forward to future events

Express your enthusiasm for similar actions in the future. As a result, you will encourage your employees to display more of what you appreciate them for. 

6 . Send the letter on time 

Timing is of the essence. Therefore, make sure to send your letter right after your employee has performed an action you appreciate. Similarly, deliver the letter on the exact date of the employee’s birthday, service anniversary, or any other milestone. 

7. Include the manager and HR department in the cc 

When sending out an appreciation letter, the person’s manager and HR department should be cc-ed. You want your coworkers to know you are appreciating another teammate, thus expanding the appreciation circle. Also, you can write an appreciation letter as a team, sign everybody’s name under the letter, and include them in the cc as well. 

12 tips for writing employee appreciation letters 

8. Give out an award  

If your budget allows you, recognize and award your employees. Although it is important to have a culture of appreciation, monetary and non-monetary awards go a step further in making your employees feel recognized.

9. Create a culture of appreciation 

To facilitate the development of a culture of appreciation, you need to determine specific ways of recognizing your employees. Since an employee recognition program has many benefits, try setting up one. 

10. Tell them you’re proud

Express how proud the organization is of its employees and all their efforts. Employees feel valued when leaders notice their invaluable contributions with emotional phrases.

11. Send Employee Appreciation Letters Regularly

Recognize employees regularly so they know you’ve got their efforts in mind. Feeling invisible is what makes people give up. You can keep that from happening by reminding them you see employees’ contributions.

12. Mention Extra Working Hours Whenever they Occur

Extra working hours are exhausting. An effective appreciation letter will always mention when employees sacrifice their personal time to go the extra mile for the company.

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When trying to prove the ROI of your employee appreciation initiatives, the best way to go is to show statistics from existing business research. This way, it is much easier to get the executives’ buy-in regarding the importance of employee appreciation.

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