30 Employee Work Anniversary Ideas, Messages, Emails and Certifications 

Your employee’s work anniversary is a reason to celebrate. Find out how to honor your employees’ years of service with gifts, emails and certificates.

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Work anniversaries are important events in your employees’ lives. They mark employees’ commitment to your company and are perceived as work-related birthdays. 

Conveniently, service anniversary is a great opportunity to show your employee recognitionIn this article, you can find out best ways to celebrate your employees’ years of service, as well as useful editable templates for work anniversary related messages, emails and certificates. 

🎈Download these editable certificates to congratulate your employees’ their work anniversaries right here.

Work Anniversary certificate templates

Why Should You Celebrate Employees’ Work Anniversaries 

Celebrating a workaversary is a sign of proper work etiquette. However, there are other significant reasons why years of service should be acknowledged, and why you should include congratulating your employees on their work anniversaries in your employee recognition strategy. 

Recognize your employees’ work 

Showing your employees that you appreciate their years of service in your company symbolizes gratitude for their continuous efforts. Since 52% of employees want more recognition, you can use work anniversary as a great opportunity to thank your employees for sticking with you and contributing to your organization’s growth. 

employee recognition


Inspire other employees 

By celebrating your employee’s work anniversary, you are inspiring other employees to strive and hit the same milestone. More specifically, you are telling your entire workforce that your company appreciates long-serving employees and their commitment. 

Encourage positive company culture 

Appreciating your employee’s work anniversary fosters positive company culture in which successes are celebrated and coworkers are cared for. In turn, engaging company culture encourages more teamwork, productivity and employee retention. 

Prevent turnover among Millennials and Gen Z employees 

Although the reward and celebration should not be the same for 15th and 1st work anniversary – you should still mark the smaller milestones in your employees’ lives too. 49% of Millennial and Gen Z workers would quit their jobs within 2 years, so showing them appreciation for a first-year work anniversary and following it up with a proper reward could go a long way. 

millennial workers


Enhance employee experience 

Since employee experience includes everything an employee encounters in a workplace, missing to acknowledge something as important as work anniversary can add negative points to your employees’ experience in your company.  

Instead, use this opportunity to highlight your employees’ loyalty and award them with amazing awards! It could pay off – according to research, companies with best employee experience scores have had 3x return on assets and double the sales compared to those with lowest employee experience scores. 

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14 Creative Ways to Celebrate Work Anniversaries 

Work anniversary is a cause for celebration, and there are various ways to thank your employees for their years of service. The way you celebrate your employees’ work anniversaries depends on your company culture – it can be more or less formal.  

Furthermore, the reward you give out should depend on the number of years they have been working at your organization. Most importantly – work anniversary should be suited to an individual celebrating it, because some employees might prefer a private “Congrats” over a public praise. 

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate work anniversaries. 

1. Growth opportunity 

Work anniversary means systematic pay raise in some companies. Another great idea for a work-related anniversary reward is an opportunity for growth – meaning promotion or education. This would certainly bode well in more formal company environments, and especially among younger employees. Among them, 52% believe opportunities for career advancement make a company an attractive employer. 

gen Z workers


2. Group anniversary 

Many organizations hire larger volume of employees at once – making their work anniversary a joint one. Therefore, you can organize a group activity such as a cooking class or give out prizes of similar value with the help of a wheel of fortune.  

🎈 Pro tip: Show your employees appreciation by throwing a party and making a Years of service award ceremony! 

3. Anniversary card 

Not surprisingly, some employees prefer private over public recognition. In that case, opt for a handwritten card with a nice note to it. If you think it is a good idea, make coworkers sign the card and deliver a heartwarming, personal gift. 

You can look for inspirational messages to write further down in this article.  

4. Frame a photo 

If you have a cool photo from teambuilding including a person celebrating the workaversary, frame it and gift it! This is also a personal gift, and you can accompany it with a note. 

5. Important milestones scrapbook  

In case you’re looking for a really personal gift that has a high emotional value, you can create a booklet of important milestones. Print out photos or write dates when something significant occurred in your employee’s life, ask other employees to write congratulatory notes…  

Combine all of this in a creative scrapbook and give it as an ultimate sign of employee appreciation. Since this is a very personal gift that consumes more time to create, opt for it in case of 5+ years of service anniversaries. 

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6. Custom t-shirt or a mug 

A personal, yet affordable and funny gift could be a custom t-shirt or a mug. You can print a funny work-related quote, or a picture from your employee’s favorite TV show. The possibilities are endless, and you can ask your coworkers for help in this area. 

work anniversary ideas


7. Company merchandise 

You can give your employees company merchandise for work anniversaries – hoodies, mugs, stationery etc. However, make sure you congratulate them with a note, email or certificate as well. You can find some useful examples of written texts to accompany your awards below.  

8. Mention on social media 

As much as some employees like to keep their milestones private, others are ok with public recognition in form of a social media post. Therefore, congratulate your employees publicly for their work anniversaries, and share pictures from your coworkers celebrating and sharing a cake. It is also a useful employer branding activity. 

9. Cake or food 

It is a simple idea – but one that works! If work anniversary is sort of a work-birthday, a cake is an appropriate way to celebrate it. Additionally, you can have a team lunch or lunch with CEO as some of your food-related employee anniversary awards. 

10. Gift card 

A very practical solution your employees will surely love is a gift card. Make sure the amount you give out is standardized according to years of service and your employees can choose from a variety of different goods. 

It’s easy to disperse gift cards on work anniversaries if you have a Recognition and Rewards Platform. Take a look at how JobPts can help you easily recognize your employees’ good behavior and important milestones. 

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11. Book 

Another amazing gift for work anniversary is a book. It can be business-related, self-help book, or a novel someone recommended. If you know that the employee whose work anniversary you are celebrating likes to read, happiness is guaranteed! Plus, you can write a thoughtful message and ask your coworkers to sign the book. 

12. Throw a party or decorate workspace 

The best way to celebrate someone’s work anniversary and give them one of the gifts we mentioned is to make it all about them. Throw a small office party or decorate your employee’s workspace. It will put your employees and their years of service at the center stage for the day. 

13. Day off 

A day off is considered a great gift for employees who never put themselves first. By having a day off, your employees can spend their work anniversary by doing something they really like. 

14. Trip 

If you’re looking to really excite your employees, get them a trip! This kind of award for a work anniversary is best suited to Millennials and Gen Z workers who list travel as their top ambition. Also, you should give this kind of award only if you know your employees want it and spend a proportional amount of budget according to the years of service they have spent in your company. 

15 Short Work Anniversary Messages 

Whether you are planning on giving a gift to your employees for their work anniversaries or not, you can write them a short message to congratulate them. Like a simple “Thank you” note when you want to appreciate someone – these short congratulatory messages can go a long way. 

Print them, hand write them or send them via Slack or email. It is up to you! 

  • Dear [employee name], happy anniversary! I am so glad you are a part of our team. Have a great day! 
  • An anniversary is a great occasion to reflect on what you have done. Well, you are always doing a great job, so we hope you are proud of yourself! Very warm wishes for your work anniversary. 
  • Dear [employee name], you continue to contribute to our company year after year. It wouldn’t be the same without you! Thank you so much for your continuous effort. Happy anniversary! 
  • Because of you, [company name] achieves its goals! Happy workaversary and many more successful years to come! 
  • Dear [employee name], you are such a valuable member of our team. I wish you continued success in your career. Happy work anniversary! 
  • It is such a pleasure working with you. You are driven, dedicated and a real asset to [company name]. Happy anniversary from all of us! 
  • Dear [employee name], we hope you use this day to look back on your many successes with [company name]. Your expertise made many projects what they are today, and we hope to celebrate many more of your successes in the upcoming years. Happy anniversary! 
  • Congratulations on another year with all of us! Have a happy work anniversary and treat yourself with a slice of cake! 
  • Happy anniversary! It surely isn’t easy to work with us around, so we promise to be good if you stick around! 
  • Dear [employee name], thank you for putting such an effort in everything you do. You have been with us through thick and thin, and we couldn’t imagine [company name] without you. Happy workaversary! 
  • Happy work anniversary, [employee name]! You are setting an example on what it means to work hard and help your teammates succeed year after year. Keep on rocking! 
  • I feel so privileged to have you as my coworker. You are doing a great job and always keep an eye on me. I wish you all the best for your work anniversary! Congratulations! 
  • During these last [x] years working with you, you have earned my utmost respect. Your dedication, professionalism and kindness are inspiring, and I thank you for teaching me all of them. Happy work anniversary! 
  • Dear [employee name], I couldn’t imagine coming to work and not seeing you there. I am so glad we work together – you always make my day! Sincere congratulations on your service anniversary, I hope to see many more of them. 
  • Today you completed [x] years of service as [company name]’s distinguished employee. We feel privileged and proud to have you here. Thank you for choosing to stay with us and very happy anniversary! 

10 Work Anniversary Emails to Send to Your Employees 

Your employees’ service anniversaries are an opportunity to show them your appreciation68% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition this year – it’s time to change that! 

employee recognition

Use these emails to congratulate your employees on their years of service. 

Work anniversary email #1 

Dear [employee name], 

It’s your 1st anniversary with [company name]! We are so happy you have decided to join us and grow with us. You work hard and you make a great addition to our team. 

We are very happy to have you – and we are looking forward to many more of your successes with us in the future! Happy work anniversary! 


[your name] 

Work anniversary email #2 

Dear [employee name], 

Happy anniversary! We are so happy you have chosen to stay with us for [x] years. Your patience, professionalism and kindness have made this company what it is today. 

Your contribution to [company name] is significant, and we are lucky to call you our employee. We wish you all the best for your work anniversary! 

Kind regards, 

[your name] 

Work anniversary email #3 

Dear [employee name], 

Happy work anniversary! We are so happy to call you our employee. You are dedicated to your work and you always have such out-of-the box ideas. 

It wouldn’t have been the same without you! We hope you enjoy your special day and continue to make our company what it is. 

All the best, 

[your name] 

Work anniversary email #4 

Dear [employee name], 

You have been a distinguished employee in [company name] for [x] years now. During that time, you have continuously shown your colleagues the meaning of teamwork, innovation and leadership. 

You are a valued member of our team and we are sincerely grateful that you have chosen to stay with us all these years. We hope that you are as proud of your achievements as we are, and that you continue to help [company name] grow. 

Happy anniversary from all of us! 

Kind regards, 

[your name] 

Work anniversary email #5 

Dear [employee name], 

Another year has flown by! Since you came to work for us, a lot of things have changed: we switched offices, you moved from [x] department to [y] department, you finished college… But one thing has stayed the same: your relentless work ethic, your creativity and team spirit have never persisted amazing all of us at [company name]! 

We are so thankful that you are a part of our team! You always succeed in making everybody feel appreciated, so we look forward to spending many more years with you in the office. 

Happy workaversary! Join us for a small surprise in the kitchen at lunchtime. 


[your name] 

Work anniversary email #6 

Dear [employee name], 

A year ago, you became a part of our team. We were thrilled that such a young and enthusiastic professional is joining [company name], and a year later, our expectations have been met. 

You are hardworking, smart and driven, and you have contributed to several projects in our company. Since we are very happy that you are a part of our team, we would like to offer you an opportunity to grow with us in a new role as [role name]. 

This promotion entails an educational package, as well as higher responsibility and pay raise. We hope that this shows our belief in your potential and that you, too, see it as an excellent opportunity to advance your career. 

You can drop by my office for more details anytime. 

Very happy service anniversary and enjoy your day! 

Best regards, 

[your name] 

Work anniversary email #7 

Dear [employee name], 

What to say to one of our dearest and longest-serving employees? You were one of the first employees this company has ever had, and you have been with us for [x] years now. We hope that, as you have exceeded our expectations, we have exceeded yours. 

This company would have never been what it is today without your hard work and welcoming attitude. You have educated many new employees and shown them a true meaning of compassionate leadership. As you continue to be a teacher to us all, we hope you use this day off to truly celebrate yourself and your many achievements with what you like best. 

Happy anniversary! 


[your name] 

Work anniversary email #8 

Dear [employee name],  

Happy service anniversary! Has it already been [x] years? It seems just yesterday you became a part of our team! 

Well, time flies when you have fun – and you have certainly made this office filled with joy and laughter. We only hope that you continue being such a good-natured coworker in the years to come. 

Once again, happy anniversary and join us for a small celebration at lunchtime. 


[your name] 

Work anniversary email #9 

Dear [employee name],  

Ever since you joined our company, we noticed how big of an impact you are making. Our younger employees have flourished under your lead. You have shown them the meaning of great leadership, teamwork and patience, which they have used to became great professionals themselves. 

On this day, we want to honor your many contributions with a small gift. We hope you like it, and we hope to continue learning from you. Thank you for being a member of our team! 

Happy work anniversary, [employee name]! 

Kind regards, 

[your name] 

Work anniversary email #10 

Dear [employee name], 

You have been in [company name]’s service for [x] years now. Your dedication and continuous effort to make this company a great place do not go amiss, and we are truly happy you have chosen us as the organization to give your expertise to. 

Thank you for everything you are doing. It truly makes [company name] what it is! 

Happy workaversary, dear [employee name]! 

Best regards, 

[your name] 

5 Service Anniversary Certification Templates 

You can get these service anniversary certification templates right here. Combine them with emails or notes we have listed above, and let your employees know how much you appreciate their dedication to youorganization. 

Work Anniversary certificate templates

Adjust the look of the certificate to your company culture and start celebrating your employees’ years of service.

Work anniversary certificate #1 

In case you are looking for a formal certificate, here is one you can use. Congratulate your employees on their work anniversary by printing it out or emailing it. 

years of service certificate

Work anniversary certificate #2 

If your company culture allows it, have fun with a work anniversary certificate. You can use this one for congratulating employees for their years of service in a festive atmosphere.

employee anniversary certificate 

Work anniversary certificate #3 

Here is a workaversary certificate you can use in both formal and informal settings. It should be a safe bet if you cannot estimate your workplace culture yet. 

employee anniversary certification

Work anniversary certificate #4  

Attach this service anniversary certificate to your gift. It is a great way to honor your employees for their years of service. 

work anniversary

Work anniversary certificate #5 

Here is another idea: print this work certificate and frame it! It can be a gift itself.

employee work anniversary certification

Why It Is Important to Celebrate Service Anniversaries

Service anniversaries are one of the moments that matter during an employee journey. Celebrating workaversaries is an important part of the whole recognition and rewards strategy that can prove to be crucial for employee retention.

What else could you achieve by celebrating service anniversaries?

  • Increasing employee happiness. Let’s face it – work anniversaries are like work birthdays. You are happy when you get celebrated and when you get a small token of appreciation. It makes you feel seen, heard, and loved!
  • Boosting company culture. Celebrating each other’s service anniversaries sends a strong message: we care about important milestones in your career, and we want you to keep working for us for a long time.
  • Enhancing productivity and performance. Employees’ productivity and performance oscillates throughout their employee journey. It is worth knowing that celebrating workaversaries can help to get a little motivation boost!

Take a look at some of the most important facts about recognition and rewards to see what an impact could celebrating service anniversaries have.