Best HRIS Software for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Learn what are the best HRIS software for small, mid-sized, and enterprise companies.

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HRIS software is one of the solutions which HR Professionals use on daily bases. Without it, it is hard to imagine managing a business with more than a hundred employees.

However, there are numerous HRIS software providers on the market today. How can you choose the best one for your company?

📘 Follow this article to learn more about HRIS systems and best HRIS software on the market for small, mid-sized, and enterprise companies. Before you start, find out what are the top 13 extensions for SAP SuccessFactors!

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What is HRIS?

HRIS is an acronym for “human resource information system”. It is also sometimes called the human resource information system, and it is probably the most important solution that HR Professionals use in their daily lives.

It encompasses numerous functionalities and features that enable easier and faster processing of important people-related HR activities. Since it is a unique system where most employee data is kept, other solutions can integrate with it to perform more than basic functions.

HRIS Basic Functions

Some HRIS software have more functionalities than others. However, these four functions should be at the core of every HRIS system since they represent foundations of HR’s work.

Here are basic functions of HRIS solutions:


Payroll is probably the most important functionality of HRIS software. With it, HR Pros can easily process monthly payments and have control over the company’s budget. Moreover, in case of any issues, all data about payroll is easily accessible.

Payroll functionality of HRIS software makes it easy to comply with different taxing systems, thus fastening these processes.

Benefits management

Most common employee benefits include healthcare and retirement plans. With the benefits management module, it is easy to track employees’ benefits usage within the main HRIS software.

By the way, do you know what are the most popular benefits according to employees themselves? ⬇️

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Some companies have flexible schedules and like their employees to clock in their time at work. Others want to have a centralized place to track overtime. Moreover, all organizations must record when their employees are taking time off. Therefore, it is one of the most basic functions of HRIS software. 


HR Professionals often have to report the state of most common HR operations. Moreover, HR Business Partners often need advanced analytics in order to make strategic decisions. HRIS software’s reporting module helps them assess the current state of HR operations that could be improved upon.

Common Additions to HRIS Functionalities

Some HRIS software go beyond basic functionalities. They usually add features that are also core to the HR function, but they can also be found in separate software.

Here are some common features of HRIS software.

Applicant tracking

Recruitment is a standard HR practice. However, recruiters and talent acquisition specialists often use separate apps to perform their jobs.

Nevertheless, some HRIS software have applicant tracking modules that help recruiters have a clear overview of the hiring pipeline and different hiring stages.

Performance management

Company success depends on employees’ performance. Therefore, performance management is often a key aspect of managers’ and HR’s tasks. As such, performance management tools are sometimes incorporated in HRIS software.

Training library

Employee training and development are one of the most important company policies. With that in mind, HRIS software creators add the training libraries and corporate training modules to their products.

Top 5 HRIS Systems for Small and Medium Businesses

Small and mid-sized businesses can afford to be more agile with their HR practices. Therefore, HRIS software meant for companies this size focuses on providing good user experience, and providing support throughout the employee lifecycle.

Here are our top picks of the best HRIS software for small and medium businesses.

Bamboo HR

In their own words, Bamboo HR provides online HR software services for teams that have outgrown spreadsheets. According to its reviews, it brings a holistic approach to HRIS software, and it is easy to set it up.

It also features recruitment, hiring, and onboarding modules. In comparison to other solutions, it is a bit pricier, but it still has great reviews on G2 and other relevant sites. Users mostly praise it for ease of use and automation of repetitive tasks.

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Gusto does not have such a wide user base as Bamboo HR, but it is still a very well rated HRIS software. It also features hiring and onboarding modules besides payroll, time tracking and other usual components.

What makes Gusto very interesting is professional HR support that helps teams avoid compliance and other mistakes. In addition to that, Gusto wallet is a useful financial feature that helps employees manage their own finances easily.


Rippling calls itself an employee management platform, and it supports payroll, time management, talent management, benefits, and learning modules. It has one of the best ratings for small and medium businesses on G2, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Once again, this HRIS software is praised for its simplicity. It is easy to use, and it is easy to set up. Users often mention how easy the transition from their previous system was.

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Justworks is an up-and-coming HRIS software provider that aims to keep things simple, providing payroll, benefits, and compliance to their customers.

When it comes to benefits, Justworks works with trusted providers to give access to high-quality medical insurance and savings plans. Users praise it for great support when it comes to employee laws and taxes.


Ease is an unusual HRIS software that enables health insurance brokers to offer services to their clients (i.e. companies) easily. The best part? The health insurance brokers pay for the service in the name of their clients.

Besides benefits, Ease offers HR software modules to employers to leverage existing employee data, stay compliant, and increase employee engagement.

Top 5 HRIS Systems for Enterprises

Enterprise companies have a much more complex structure which brings other challenges with it. When it comes to HRIS software, enterprises look for robust options that can support their large databases with their infrastructure, and provide clarity when it comes to gaining insights from huge amounts of data they collect.

Here are our top picks for HRIS software – enterprise edition.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive human experience management (HXM) suite that focuses on improving employee experience. It provides core HR and payroll solutions, as well as recruiting, onboarding, performance and goals, development, and learning.

Besides that, SAP SuccessFactors platform includes people analytics and collaboration tools. Moreover, it offers numerous integrations and add-ons within the SAP family.

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Workday is a widely used HRIS software that has increased the number of its functions from payroll to planning, talent management, analytics and reporting, and more. Known as one of the industry leaders, it recently acquired Zimit, a configure price quote solution built for the services industry.

With the newest acquisition, Workday is positioning itself as one of the leaders in HR finance systems.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is yet another HRIS system meant for large enterprises. Besides payroll, it provides strategic HR features, and a wide array of talent solutions such as recruitment, performance management, compensation, learning, and more.

Moreover, it is a cloud-based solution that helps employers gain valuable insights into their own workforce, and they enable it on the go with a mobile version.

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As a HRIS software, Paylocity has been one of the most popular systems on the market. However, Paylocity says they want to partner up with their clients to help them reach their goals – by eliminating the monotony of everyday tasks, it helps you think strategically for the future.


Sapling is a standalone HRIS software that also offers integration with other HR systems – like ADP or Lever – to make up for modules they do not offer. It does not offer finance or payroll services, but focuses on people operations. As such, it provides support for all the stages of employee journey – from onboarding to offboarding. 

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