Semos Cloud Announces What is New from Nurture: New Features for Streamlined Communications

Semos Cloud, an HR tech provider that helps organizations improve employee experience and positively impact the company culture, announced the new product features in their Internal Communications Cloud for enhanced employee experience and streamlined internal communications.

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What is new in Nurture?

Semos Cloud added several new features to empower internal communications teams and prepare them for the future of work. What is new?  

  • New functionalities that speed up WorkZone workflows 
  • Expanded reporting with Nurture application analytics  
  • Personalized experience through end-user platform localization

WorkZone integration updates

The latest SAP WorkZone integration empowers team collaboration and saves time with content creation, while ensuring all employees receive relevant information and understand the new company goals and directions.  

According to Team Stage, businesses using effective internal communication tools are 3.5 times more likely to get better business results.  

To improve the efficiency of internal communications, communications can be initiated from the Manager Self Services space within WorkZone. The manager can assign a content creator, choose a communications template and select the relevant audience.  

Additionally, users can access the communication within WorkZone, read the latest news, filter company updates by topic and stay aligned with the organization.


Nurture application analytics

We have expanded the reporting capabilities with new application analytics. The new analysis shows the adoption rate of the employee portal and how the employees are consuming the content whether it is by reading the emails or accessing the Nurture platform.  

Internal communications experts must evolve their communications strategy over time. One way to do this is by using relevant data.  

Team Stage research shows that more than 85% of employees state that most of the company’s failures are due to the lack of a good internal communications strategy.  

Thanks to Nurture, the internal communications team can now track important Nurture application metrics such as likes, clicks, and average consumption time, learn about campaign’s performance and understand the level of employee engagement to make data-informed decisions.    

Level up your communications game and deliver purposeful messaging. Internal communicators can spot new trends, test new communications strategies, and find new ways to engage employees, to keep them motivated and informed.  


End-user platform localization

The latest update to Nurture is end-user platform localization. Employees can navigate the platform and read the communications in their native language, further personalizing the experience.

Leverage internal communications to empower employees and keep them motivated and connected with the organization. When employees understand how they fit in the organization, and how their efforts contribute to the end business results, they are more motivated to perform and reach the goals.

International enterprise companies can lower the risk of miscommunications, ensuring everyone is aligned with the new sales strategy expectations and goals.


According to Semos Cloud’s Product Owner, Milan Rizov:

“Internal communications must remain fluent to serve the organizations’ needs Therefore, we at Semos Cloud are devoted to making product innovations that empower the internal communications experts to keep evolving their communications strategy, keeping their processes streamlined, while ensuring a smooth and exciting employee experience.”

About Semos Cloud   

Semos Cloud is an HR technology firm that provides an Employee Experience platform fully integrated with SAP® system technology, including SuccessFactors® product suite solutions and Oracle, Microsoft Teams, and others. Their solutions for employee recognition, feedback management, health and wellness, internal employee communication, and employee journeys are reshaping the experiences of millions of employees across the globe.