About the Practice of Acquiring Talents at Semos Cloud

If you are interested in career opportunities with us, we encourage you to share your resume and a brief motivational letter via our Careers website.

We are happy to share our internal process with all future Semos Cloud talents

Here’s an overview of how we identify and bring outstanding talent on board.


Step 1: Sourcing Candidates

Qualified candidates are identified by our People Success team through the review of CVs, referrals, and various sources such as LinkedIn.

Before jumping in the interviewing process, candidates’ profiles are assessed, and many factors relevant to the specific role are considered.

What to expect:

1️⃣ If you submit your CV to careers@semoscloud.com ⏭

Once your CV is submitted successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation email from our People Success team. We’ll then review your CV within one working week. If you meet our initial criteria, someone from our team will reach out to schedule a “Discovery Call.” If you don’t meet the initial criteria, don’t worry, we won’t send another email at this stage, but we’ll keep the possibility of future collaboration open.

2️⃣ If you submit your CV via recommendation ⏭

When an employee recommends someone, they submit the CV to our People Success team. Once your friend confirms they’ve sent your CV, we’ll review it within one working week. If you meet our initial criteria, someone from our team will get in touch to schedule a “Discovery Call.” If not, we won’t send another email, but we’re always open to the possibility of future cooperation. We rely on your friend to keep you updated on the status, so it’s essential to stay connected. We also encourage candidates to submit their CV through the official website in addition to using the friend referral method.


Step 2: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Screening Call

⌚ 30-60 min 📍 Remote, via Microsoft Teams video call 📨Response: 1-2 weeks

We’ll arrange a discovery video call with one of our team members, which can be done on Microsoft Teams. During this call, we’ll discuss your background, relevant experience, and qualifications. We’ll also assess how well you fit the specific role and your understanding of the job requirements. We’ll outline the next steps in the hiring process and provide a chance for you to ask any questions.
What to expect:
• An overview of the candidate’s background, including relevant experience and qualifications.
• Assessing the candidate’s fit for the specific role and their understanding of the job requirements.
• Discussing the candidate’s availability, desired compensation, and expectations related to the role.
• Outlining the subsequent stages of the hiring process and providing an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions.


Step 3: Technical Task (optional)

⌚ 60-120 min to complete 📨Remote. Task is sent via email

For some roles, there may be a technical assessment related to the job. This task, sent via email, typically takes 60-120 minutes to complete. It’s evaluated by an experienced team member to understand your suitability for the role and whether you meet the job requirements. If your results are satisfactory, we’ll invite you for a call. If not, you’ll receive a rejection notification.

What to expect:

  • The task will be directly related to the skills and responsibilities required for the job.
  • Detailed instructions and expectations on how to complete the task will be provided.
  • A specific time frame or deadline for task completion will be communicated.
  • The task will be reviewed and evaluated by to assess the candidate’s technical skills
  • It serves as an opportunity for candidates to showcase expertise and practical knowledge


​​​​​​​Step 4: Interview with CxO

⌚ 30-60 min 📍 Onsite 📨Response: 1-2 weeks

To get a deep understanding of how well a candidate aligns with our values and the role they’re interested in, we conduct a behavioral interview with the future manager. During this interview, we ask a range of behavioral and experience-based questions. Rest assured, our People team will inform you in advance so you can prepare effectively.

What to expect:

  • Evaluating overall fit with Semos Cloud’ culture, values, and mission
  • Ensuring alignment between candidate’s career goals and Semos Cloud’s strategic vision, as represented by senior leadership
  • Exploring potential contributions and how the role aligns with long-term objectives
  • An opportunity for to seek clarification on any outstanding questions and for both parties to determine if there’s a mutual fit


Step 5: Final interview with Team Lead

⌚ 30-60 min 📍 Onsite 📨Response: 1-2 weeks

This interview, lasting 30-60 minutes, will be conducted onsite. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the role’s responsibilities, objectives, and how your skills align with the team’s needs. We’ll ask about your work style, teamwork, and specific experiences. You’ll gain insights into the team’s culture, dynamics, and expectations, ensuring alignment with your values and work preferences.

What to expect:

  • Discussion about the role’s responsibilities, objectives
  • Questions related to skills, qualifications, and how they align with the team’s needs
  • Inquiries about the candidate’s work style, teamwork, and specific situations
  • Insights into the team’s culture, dynamics, and expectations, ensuring alignment with the candidate’s values and work preferences


Step 6: Reference and Background Check

📨Response: 1 week

When we come across promising candidates, we like to go a step further by checking at least two references. We prefer one of those references to be a former manager if possible. Rest assured, our People Success Team maintains strict confidentiality throughout this process. We conduct these reference checks through either phone calls or emails, and we can communicate in either English or the person’s native language for their convenience.


Step 7: Job Offer

📨Response: 1 week

In the last step of our recruitment process, we create a detailed compensation package for you. This package covers all the benefits you’ll receive and includes a proposed start date. We’ll send this offer to you through email, and you’ll have a few days to take a look and decide if you’d like to accept or decline it. If you decide to accept via email, we’ll start the onboarding process right away. And if you have any questions before making your decision, please feel free to reach out to our People Team for any clarifications you may need.

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