About the Practice of Acquiring Talents at Semos Cloud

If you are interested in career opportunities with us, we encourage you to share your resume and a brief motivational letter via our Careers website.

We are happy to share our internal process with all future Semos Cloud talents

Aiming to streamline the hiring process and improve candidate experience we try to coordinate the interviews so you can complete the entire process within 1 month.

Prior to interviewing

Our Human Capital team will identify the most qualified candidates for the vacancy by reviewing resumes, internal applicants, employee referrals, and searching through variety of sources, such as LinkedIn.
Our Human Capital team will also try to source competent candidates, who may not be actively searching for a job.

Firstly, we evaluate candidates by reviewing their profiles, and consider many factors depending on the specific vacancy requirements. At this early stage, disqualified candidates are not informed because we do not want to close the door for cooperation and may consider you for future relevant opportunities to join our team.

Technical Assessment (optional)

Some candidates, especially those applying for technical positions, will be sent a technical assessment relating to the position, which will be reviewed by an experienced Semos Cloud team member. This would help both sides understand whether you meet the minimum technical requirements to perform the job.
If you get satisfactory assessment results, you will be invited to a screening call. If not, you will receive a note informing you on the rejection.

Screening call with the HC Team

A Human Capital representative will conduct a screening call via phone or Zoom. Depending on the outcome of the call, you may proceed to the final interview stages. You may terminate the discussion at any point during the interview, if you consider not to be a fit. We are also as transparent and honest as possible and provide feedback during the discussion.

Behavioral interview with the HC team and/or your Manager

To best assess your values alignment, most roles require conducting a behavioral interview, with HC and/or your future Leader, and ask various behavioral questions.

Calls for any interview may take anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the conversation. Our Human Capital team will ensure that you are duly informed prior to the call, so you may prepare.

Reference and Background Check

Lastly, for promising candidates, we will contact references (preferably two out of which one needs to be a past manager) and background check.

Job Offer

Our last step is sharing remuneration package with all benefits, and a start date.

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