Use Our Expertise and Support to Drive Continuous Success 

During all the phases of their employee recognition projects, our customers are not alone. Our employee recognition platform also comes with premium support and teams of experts designated to help you get the best out of your recognition initiatives. Your success is our success!

Teams that Will Support You Throughout the Entire Process

Employee Performance & Recognition
Project Managers
For every customer, we assign a project manager responsible for leading the entire project, setting the timelines, and working closely with the customers to fulfill their needs.
Talent Growth & Development
Developers & Designers
For additional customers’ requests around software configuration, design, or integrations we assign a team of experienced designers and developers.
Employee recognition and engagement
Strategic Consultants
For consultations and advice about best employee recognition practices, we have a team of experts who will work closely with your teams to implement recognition programs that make the most sense for your organization.
Employee recognition and workplace safety
Customer Success & Support
After the implementation of your recognition programs, our customer success and support teams will make sure that programs admins and end-users have all the support that they need 24/7.

Rely on Our Premium End-User Support 

After the implementation of your employee recognition project, premium support for your end-users is available via various built-in support channels and ticketing systems to solve any issues around your employees’ gift orders, returns, point redemptions, and others.  

Support Your Employees and Managers with Knowledge and Tools

Rely on our experts to work with you throughout the entire employee recognition journey. They will provide you with expertise and tools to guide your teams during the pre and post-implementation phases. 

The customer success teams will continue to guide you and will be responsible for the ongoing support and maintenance of the project. 

Take Advantage of Our Creative Services 

Additional creative services are available to our customers who need help in creating inviting materials such as branded employee newsletters, promotional recognition videos, physical and digital banners.

To engage your employees even more, we can collaboratively organize internal events to amplify the message around the importance of building a culture of appreciation.  

Our Experts and Consultants Will Work With You to…

Employee Performance & Recognition
Build a Business Case
Most new projects start with building a well-prepared business case that proves the value of your new investment. Our experts in the recognition and rewards fields will guide you through this process and help you present the initiative internally.
Talent Growth & Development
Set Recognition KPIs
Not sure how to set KPIs for your employee recognition programs? We are here to help you define KPIs specific to your existing business challenges and goals around employee engagement, retention, talent attraction, employee experience, and productivity.
Employee recognition and engagement
Implement Best Recognition Practices
If you need help designing your employee recognition programs, defining policies and procedures, and implementing best practices, we will assign a team of experts to work with you on building a program that will bring you the highest return on investment.
Employee recognition and workplace safety
Build a Change Communications Plan
The success of your employee recognition programs mostly depends on your ability to promote it internally using well-defined change communications and internal marketing plans. Our team will work with you to build a successful internal communication plan.

Build Resilience by Better Understanding Your Employees’ Skills

Our employee recognition platform uses AI-powered technology that tracks recognition data and gives valuable insights to managers around their teams’ skills and professional development.

Managers can use the insights to close the existing skill gaps within their teams or plan for future employee development initiatives.

Words from Our Customers and Users

“I’ve had a great experience using the tool and even more when I needed support, always having someone to help me solve a problem in the best way – either with a simple tool tip or contacting a vendor regarding returns and reimbursements.”

Roney Lima, Proposal Manager at SAP

“The UI and UX is very easy and clean to use. It’s very easy for me to create an appreciation, view my standing amongst peers, and redeem my appreciation points for a variety of awards. My leadership is alerted each time I receive an award as well, increasing visibility.”

Steven Halmaghi, Fellow, Private Equity and Global M&A Program at SAP

OMW is JobPts customer
“A few clicks here, a few clicks there and anyone in the company can recognize a colleague for doing a great job, for being a great team-player and much more. From a ‘features’ point of view, I do think that both the tool and Semos team are doing their best to accommodate the client’s requests.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV


Our Customers’ Success Stories

Global companies from around the world have successfully implemented their Recognition and Rewards programs with our employee recognition and rewards platform. Learn more about why JobPts was their solution of choice and what were the outcomes.

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JobPts is a leader in Employee Recognition on G2
JobPts is a leader in Enterprise Employee Recognition on G2

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