Because  Your Employees’ Wellbeing Matters

Create a culture where your workforce can engage in various activities all while promoting a healthier work-life balance that enforces team work, and recognition

Healthain employee health and wellness solution

Why Healthain?

Build a Healthy and Wellbeing Culture
Engage your workforce, recognize their achievements and reward them for their individual and team contribution
Improve Business Performance
Active and healthy employees provide 66% higher performance for their company
Reduce Healthcare Costs and Absenteeism
Companies with implemented wellness programs report 50% decreased absenteeism. Every dollar invested in wellness programs saves $3 in healthcare costs
Improved Morale and Satisfaction – Lower Turnover
Improving morale and happiness leads to more engaged and motivated employees, which leads to lower employee turnover

Corporate Wellness Solution that Motivates and Engages Employees

Reward Employees for Personal Achievements

Get insight into your employee’s health while motivating and encouraging them to become active. With Healthain you can enable your HR administrators, to setup different recognition programs that are rewarded in different ways when goals are achieved 


Ignite Workforce to Join Corporate Initiatives

Healthain helps your organization foster a team work culture by setting up corporate initiatives that are achieved as a team. Your HR administrators can decide how to recognize the achievement and if they want to engage with the team for them to decide how they want to use the reward.  

Enhance Employee Experience with Built-in Gamification and Social Collaboration

Boost employee engagement, and loyalty by implementing different gamification techniques will inspire friendly competition and teamwork. Leaderboard, badges, and points bring some fun and competition into your workspace, they motivate and inspire to achieve more.

Improve Your Employees’ Health and Wellbeing

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