Healthain, because corporate health matters

Engage employees, bring wellness into their lives and reward them for participating

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Reward employees personal goal achievements

Get insight into your employee’s health, motivate and encourage them to become active. Create company goals and give the option to create personal goals. Create a culture where a company cares for employee well-being. For completing goals recognize and reward.

Ignite workforce to join corporate initiatives

Healthain helps your organization to recognize and reward the results that contribute to improving the overall health of your workforce, reducing insurance expenses and increasing employee engagement and well-being. Tie points to specific achievements like meeting personal or company goals, running for special causes, company challenges such as walking every day to the job, etc.

Build fun workplace experience through built-in gamification

Boost employee engagement, and loyalty by implementing different gamification techniques will inspire friendly competition and teamwork. Leaderboard, badges, and points bring some fun and competition into your workspace, they motivate and inspire to achieve more.

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