Attractive Gift Options Your Employees Will Love 

Personalize your employee experience by providing gifts that will make a difference for them and create moments that matter.

Employee rewards gift catalogs by JobPts

Rich Catalogues with Thousands of Gift Options 

JobPts works with thousands of different brands so that every employee can find a perfect gift for her or himself. Employees from over 140 countries buy gifts from using JobPts on a daily basis 

With JobPts, you can personalize your web storefront with brands you wish to showcase. Our catalogues include options like gift cards, experiences, perks, benefits, travel, hotels, insurance, wellness, charity donations and many more. 


Seamless Reward Redemption and Distribution 

JobPts provides you with various types of rewards you can choose from to distribute. You can run points programs based on multiple currencies,  denominations, hierarchical levels,  geography and budgeting periods. 

You can choose to distribute individually or in bulk via email or Slack, and you can automate reward distribution based on  your HRIS data such as years of service or  employee birthdays. 


Fair and Equal Opportunity Recognition Programs 

JobPts has an automatic service to adapt the purchasing power of each country using the Mercer’s Purchasing Power Index. 

This way, with JobPts, you can set up fair recognition programs with equal opportunities and purchasing power for all of your employees no matter where they are located! 

Complete Transparency & No Hidden Costs

No Markups
One-time Implementation Fee
Yearly Software Licence Fee

No Markups

Many Recognition and Rewards software providers still have markups on the gifts from their catalogues.

With JobPts, there are no markups so that your employees can get the best out of their earned points received from peers and managers.


One-time Implementation Fee

Our job is to help you successfully implement a recognition and rewards program at your organization.

We will work with you to create a solution that perfectly fits your needs, and our team of professionals will ensure that your internal processes are mapped into the software.

You only pay once for the implementation!


Yearly Software Licence Fee

There is a yearly software licence fee that mostly depend on the size of your organization, and is set up on a per-user basis.

To find out what would be the cost of your Recognition & Rewards program, please connect with our professional services team.

So Why Do the World’s Greatest Companies Choose JobPts?

Global companies from around the world have successfully implemented their Recognition and Rewards programs with JobPts. Learn more about why JobPts was their solution of choice and what were the outcomes.

Professional Services and Support that Care About Your Success 


Our professional service team will be with you from the very beginning of your new employee recognition project.

Our team of experts is here to help you implement the best employee recognition practices, and our support team is here to continuously work with your employees and solve their order issues 


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