Create Moments Your Employees Will Remember 

Employee recognition can be a key part of an overall strategy to promote good company values and help employees feel invested, motivated and happy to come to work each day.

employee recognition moments that matter

When Should You Show Appreciation?


Automate Service Anniversaries to Appreciate Loyalty

With JobPts, you can automate recognition and rewards for your employees’ years of services and milestones.

This way, you can make sure that every employee gets timely recognition for their loyalty and trust.

You decide about how much each milestone is worth and about the ways to rewards your employees.

Encourage Continuous Learning & Development


JobPts is used  by companies across the world to excel employee development, learning and knowledge sharing.

As closing the skills gap is a priority for many employers, continuous learning has become a must.

There is no better way to support employees’ career development than by rewarding them for their success and engagement.


Align Recognition With Your Company’s Culture and Core Values

Recognition and Rewards programs are mostly used to drive new employee behaviors and attitudes.

In the world of digital transformation and agility, embedding this new behaviors is crucial for the success of change you management efforts.

JobPts monetary and non-monetary recognition programs have the power to transform your organizational culture.

Words from Our Customers

“Recognition and rewards at SAP is rated as the number one HR service by both employees and managers”

Maike Kunz, Head of Recognition at SAP

Employee Achievements and Hard Work Should Never Go Unnoticed

Continuous employee feedback and performance management needs to be accompanied with gratitude and appreciation.

With JobPts, you can enable your whole organization to thank and reward each other either on a top-down or peer-to-peer level making.

Recognizing employees for stellar work is also vital to maintaining morale and boosting productivity.

Show Interest for Employees’ Personal Lives and Work-Life Balance

Provide extraordinary employee experience by celebrating not only work-related achievement but also personal employee events and milestones.

Show them that you truly care about their well-being.


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