Flexible Recognition Software Tailored to YOUR Company 

JobPts enables you to create Recognition & Rewards programs that perfectly match your company’s and employees’ needs and expectations.

JobPts is Flexible Recognition Software

Recognition Program Types

Monetary Rewards
Non-monetary Rewards
Nomination Programs

Monetary Rewards

Monetary recognition programs use financial rewards when employees perform exceptionally well at work.

Rewards with monetary value are used to say thank you or as a gesture of good will.

Monetary employee recognitions include cash awards, gift cards, shopping from employees’ favorite retailers or even discretionary company shares.

With JobPts, you have an access to gift catalogues tailored to your employees’ preferences and geographic locations.


Non-monetary Rewards

If your organization has no or limited budget, you can implement non-monetary peer-to-peer and top-down recognition programs.

Anyone can recognize a team member for a job well done, at no cost to the business. It builds a spirit of generosity of gratitude and helps reinforce your company purpose, mission and values.

Giving your people the tools and space to say thank you more frequently is the first step towards creating a culture where recognition that is free flowing and allows the genuine spirit of collaboration and gratitude to be felt by all.


Nomination Programs

JobPts’ nomination programs bring extra value, collaboration and fun to your employee recognition initiatives.

Engage your whole organization into programs where colleagues can nominate their teammates for events such as employee of the month and other employee awards.

Program admins have the power to manage and control the nomination programs in real time.

Set-Up a Recognition Program Perfect for Your Organization

Flexible Points-Based Recognition System

With JobPts points-based system, you can decide yourself about how much each achievement, employee behavior, milestone or other event is worth.  

Employees can then redeem their points in a form of gift cards, vouchers, shop on the world’s biggest web shops or even donate to charity. 

Next-Level Budgeting Options

Deciding on the budget of your Recognition & Rewards program can be tricky. With JobPts, you can easily set up budgets based on program types, locations, approval levels, organizational levelscompany levels and much more.  

Leaders and managers with the assigned budgets always have a real-time view of their current budget status.  

Easy User, Permission and Approval Management

With JobPts, user-level permissions and recognition approvals are easy to set up.

Manage user levels to better control who can see and edit particular parts of the application, and decide on how rewards are approved and distributed using up to two levels of approvals. 

Robust Nomination Programs Your Employees Will Love

Make recognition even more fun by adding employee nomination options to your Recognition & Rewards programs. 

JobPts enables you to add the reason for nominations, set up nomination and voting periods, define nomination program transparency levels, budgets and approval rules.  

“Earn Points” Feature for Targeted Recognition Campaigns

Earn Points is a feature that enables companies to extend their recognition efforts, make them more fun and get higher ROI on their employee recognition initiatives.

Think of Earn Points as an option for employees to collect their points by participating in a designated employee recognition campaign such a referring a candidate, taking an engagement survey, practicing a healthy lifestyle, taking a course or providing a Glassdoor review.

Words from Our Customers

“…As we wanted to give employees more appreciation for their work, implementing Rewards and Recognition program with JobPts was the perfect solution. The fact that JobPts is fully integrated with SuccessFactors®, makes everything much easier… ”​

Andrew Bean, Manager of People and Culture Communications, Japan Tobacco International

Configurable Recognition & Rewards Software Solutions 

Need more than what is provided in our standard solution? 

JobPts is one of the world’s best Recognition and Rewards software providers who create and deliver products tailored specifically to your company.   

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