Appreciate Your Employees & Create Moments that Matter

JobPts enables employers to enrich their company culture and provide extraordinary employee experience by showing appreciation that employees deserve.

Use Cases: Why Your Organization Needs Recognition & Rewards

Employee Performance & Recognition
Employee Performance & Incentives
Drive employee motivation by incentivizing employee moments such as years of service or by rewarding achievements such as sales quotas and job referrals. Enable managers to recognize employees on-the-spot and continuously improve their performance.
Talent Growth & Development
Talent Growth & Development
Help your employees grow and develop throughout their employment life-cycle from hire to retire. Onboarding, learning & development, continuous performance management should all be accompanied by appreciation and meaningful rewards.
Employee recognition and engagement
Employee Engagement & Company Culture
Through continuous peer-to-peer recognition, your employees will not only be more engaged and collaborate better, but you will also have a mean to recognize new employee behaviors that support your company culture and organizational values.
Employee recognition and workplace safety
Remote Work & Workplace Safety
With the emergence of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to keep employees connected, safe and healthy. Employee recognition is a powerful way to connect dispersed workforce and enforce compliance with the new workplace policies and regulations.

Flexible, yet Extremely Powerful Recognition & Rewards 

Configurable Software
Out-of-the-Box Integrations
Professional Services & Best Practices
JobPts flexible employee recognition software

Configurable Software

Unlike most other recognition & rewards software providers, besides our standard features, we can create a  solution tailored to your preferences, needs, business goals and existing internal processes. 

As enterprise companies often have specific requirements, we recognized the need and benefits of creating custom-made solutions 

Rewards and Recognition solution that is integrated with your existing core HR solutions

Out-of-the-Box Integrations 

Our employee recognition platform has native integrations with HRIS such as SuccessFactors which allows for seamless SSO by secure propagation of user credentials. 

Employee master data and organizational data are always synchronized and kept up-to-date, so there is no need for manual interventions. By connecting this data, we assure proper authorizations and access within JobPts, as well as seamless workflows and approvals to take place.

Our integration with the SAP Analytics Cloud provides valuable data, insights, and actionable recommendations for improvement. 

JobPts offers services for best employee appreciation practices

Professional Services & Best Practices

Devotion to our customers and the ability to lead them through the whole process of implementation is what separates us from other vendors.

Consulting, professional services and an outstanding support are extremely valued from our customers around the world.  

With the help of our internal professionals, you can be sure that your Recognition and Rewards program will be successful.

All-in-One Employee Recognition Platform that Supports Your Company’s Vision

More than Just an Employee Recognition Software

Implementing an Employee Recognition Program requires active employee listening, change management, strategic planning and effective internal communications and marketing.

To provide organizations with all the necessary tools for implementing and managing a successful recognition program, JobPts comes with additional solutions for employee communications, surveys, feedback management and project planning and collaboration.

Recognition Software Perfectly Tailored to Your Company

We believe in a statement that “One solution does not fit all.”

In addition to our robust and flexible standard solution, we also provide configurable Recognition & Rewards solutions based on your specific needs, goals and current internal process.

You request it, and we will make it happen! 

Create Moments that Matter. From Hire to Retire.

New hire. Completed onboarding. Project completion. Closed new deal. Birthdays. Promotions. Referrals. New employee behaviors and skills such as innovation, teamwork, agility, customer-focus and leadership…

These are all employee moments throughout an employee life-cycle we should recognize and make more memorable to them. With JobPtsthe ways to recognize and reward employees are limitless. 

Appreciate employees for their work anniversaries

Reward with Meaningful Gifts. Every Employee. On any Location.

Employees have different preferences.

Your gift catalogue should, therefore, offer a high variety of gifts in which every employee can find something they like 

This is why we offer the highest variety of gifts available to your employees across the world.

With JobPts, employees can use gift cardsvouchers, shop on the world’s biggest web shops, donate to charity or you can simply create your company’s unique catalogue

Cut on Manual Work and Repetitive Tasks

Recognition & Reward Distribution
Budgeting & Approvals
Triggers From Your HRIS
JobPts rewards distribution

Recognition & Reward Distribution

Easy reward distribution is one of the main  prerequisites for a successful recognition  program and high user adoption.

JobPts provides you with various types of  rewards you can choose from to  distribute. You can run points programs  based on multiple currencies,  denominations, hierarchical levels,  geography and budgeting periods.

JBudgeting for appreciation programs

Budgeting & Approvals

Use our workflows to organize and monitor your recognition budgets using specific rules and triggers.

You may use up to 2 levels of recognition approvals.  Managers will automatically get approval requests as  their employees send rewards that need to be approved.

JobPts HRIS integrations

Triggers from your HRIS

JobPts is compatible with HRIS systems and can  streamline the process of importing employee data onto the platform.

You may automate recognition events such as holidays, employee birthdays, service anniversaries or other data available within your HRIS solution.

Make Recognition Fun, Social and Addictive to Employees

Social recognition makes the process more fun and addictive to employees which results in higher user adoption and satisfaction

JobPts’ social wallsgamification and employee collaboration features mimic your employees favorite Social Media channels and guarantee extraordinary employee experience and engagement with the program.  

Words from Our Customers

SAP is JobPts customer
“JobPts is a superb example of our competitive advantage in HR extensibility and another showcase of drinking our own champagne by combining SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Cloud Platform.”

Ralph Schneider, HR Business Information Officer, Global HR, SAP SE

JTI is JobPts customer
“Even though the platform is a Software as a Service, it was possible to adjust it to some of our Organization needs (especially about handling employee data and organizational structure). The implementation team were great, implementation was agile with initial results available very quickly.”

Greg Wesierski, HRIS Project Manager, JTI

SAP is JobPts customer
“With JobPts, we simplified and sychronized our recognition landscape saving IT but also administration resources a lot. Recognition is a very important topic nowadays as we see on our site. The JobPts tool is one of our highest rated HR services in our company what speaks for itself.”

Maike Kunz, Total Rewards Senior Consultant, SAP

OMW is JobPts customer
“A few clicks here, a few clicks there and anyone in the company can recognize a colleague for doing a great job, for being a great team-player and much more. From a ‘features’ point of view, I do think that both the tool and Semos team are doing their best to accommodate the client’s requests.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV


So Why Do the World’s Greatest Companies Choose JobPts?

Global companies from around the world have successfully implemented their Recognition and Rewards programs with JobPts. Learn more about why JobPts was their solution of choice and what were the outcomes.

Measure Everything & Improve Based on Real Data

Tracking and measuring employee engagement with recognition and rewards programs gives employers insights and recommends valuable action points for improvement.

JobPts’ real time data, analytics and variety of different reports encourage data driven mindset and more informed decision making.


Employee recognition program analytics

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