Understand the ROI of Your Recognition Programs 

JobPts’ intelligent analytics, reports and smart notifications enable companies to track the performance and status of their recognition programs in real time.

JobPts employee recognition software analytics

Intelligent Manager Reports 

Employee Engagement
Overall Transactions & Approval Statuses
Budget Statuses

Employee Engagement 

Without understanding how engaged your employees are with the recognition program, it is impossible to understand the ROI and the overall impact of the program on your organization.  

JobPts’ employee engagement data tracks the adoption levels of the program enabling employers to make smart adjustments based on real data.  


Overall Transactions & Approval Statuses 

With JobPts, Managers always have a real-time view of all the transactions, employee recognition statuses and awaiting approvals happening within their teams.  

Data exports and smart reports are useful for Managers to update the others on the overall recognition program status and success.  


Budget Statuses 

When managing budgeted recognition programs, Managers need to make sure that they and their employees are always within the assigned budget 

With JobPts, Managers have the access to detailed data on money spent and budgets remaining as well as downloadable reports and dashboards 

Instant Notifications to Keep Everyone Up to Date 

With JobPts, Managers can never miss out on important employee events.

Automated notifications and reminders on recognition approval requests, budget limitations, employee birthdays and anniversaries are automatically delivered to Managers via the app or to their emails     


Smart Insights and Actionable Recommendations 

Raw data gives little value if it’s not shaped in a form that makes sense and gives valuable insights and smart recommendations for future actions or program adjustments 

JobPts takes data, analyzes it and presents in a way that helps employers make smart business decisions 


Powerful Analytics and Dashboards in Real Time 

Within JobPts every action your employees and Managers take is tracked in real time

Dashboards give you a high-level overview of the overall status of the recognition program while detailed analytics and reports enable employers to filter and segment data based on various criteria such as program name, location, recognition reasons and many more.  

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Outstanding Integration With SAP Analytics Cloud 


Unlike many other vendors, JobPts perfectly integrates with SAP Analytics Cloud which enables SAP users get more comprehensive view of how recognition influences the overall Human Resources efforts within an organization.   


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