Social Employee Recognition is a New Way of Life 

Make employee recognition more social to motivate employees to participate and get the most out of your employee recognition initiatives.

Social employee recognition software JobPts

Engage Your Entire Workplace with Social Recognition 

JobPts’ peer to peer employee recognition programs can help your company foster a sense of community, collaboration and teamwork 

When you add a social touch to your recognition program and enabling employees to publicly recognize each other for a job well done, better company culture is guaranteed.  

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Integrate Recognition with Your Internal Communication Tools 

By now, you employees have probably got used to the internal communication channels such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, intranet and other.  

That is why, with JobPts, your employees can recognize their peers directly from their favorite employee communication solutions making it easier and more fun to engage with the recognition program.  

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Gamify Employee Experience to Make Recognition More Fun 

JobPts’ customers have witnessed the power of adding a touch of gamification to their recognition programs.  

Our leaderboards track, in real time, the best nominators, nominees and employee rankings of all of your recognition programs.  

Take Advantage of Our Social Recognition Expertise



Your social recognition platform is only as good as the people who bring it to life.

The success of your employee recognition program hinges on the support and expertise your vendor provides. 

At JobPts, we have experts in social employee recognition who will consult you on the best practices out there.



One of the biggest advantages of JobPts’ onboarding process is that we guide you through the implementation of the best social recognition practices.  

We understand how hard can it be to drive new program adoption on a company-wide level, so we are here to help you get the best results of your new initiatives.




Once JobPts is ready to go live, our experts in the field will help you onboard your program leaders and give you advice on how to bring the entire workplace on the same page.

Your success is our success!


So Why Do the World’s Greatest Companies Choose JobPts?

Global companies from around the world have successfully implemented their Recognition and Rewards programs with JobPts. Learn more about why JobPts was their solution of choice and what were the outcomes.

Social Media Style Interface for Simple and Fun Recognition 


In order to drive higher user adoption, the interface of JobPts’ social recognition features mimic the Social Media applications your employees use on a daily basis.  

Enabling employees to showcase their own achievements or share and like other employees’ achievements creates a culture of teamwork and make people more connected to each other.  


Align Recognition with Your Corporate Brand and Communication 

Your recognition and rewards campaigns should be consistent with your business objectives, your brand  imagery and messaging. 

JobPts features enable you to completely align the look and feel of your entire recognition platform and internal communication emails with your existing brand and communication guidelines. 

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