Program Manuals I want to recognize deskless employees

I want to recognize deskless employees

Author: Jana Velevska Last updated: March 5, 2024 Reading time: 1 minute
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Recommended for: At least 30% of the workforce are deskless employees

Type: Non-monetary program

Scope: Local

Eligibility: All deskless employees in that unit

Social Feed: Public

Threshold: None

Budget: None

Points #: None

Approval: None

Recognition channels: HCM, Desktop, Email, Mobile, SMS


Before we dive in, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions.

Overcoming Challenges: Inclusive Recognition Program for Deskless Employees

Why do I need a deskless employee recognition program?

With 80% of the global workforce being deskless, their motivation thrives on appreciation. Achieving an inclusive recognition experience organization-wide poses a substantial challenge, especially for companies with a significant deskless workforce.

What if I hire contractors periodically and don’t keep record of this data in the HCM system?

JobPts enables Admins to upload data manually if no HCM record exists.

Why do you recommend a non-monetary program?

Introducing a cost-friendly non-monetary recognition program is a practical choice for engaging and motivating employees. Interestingly, about 90% of our clients favor a non-monetary recognition program, often finding a simple “Thank you” program highly effective. Why does it work so well? It’s easy to handle, involves many employees, and brings big benefits. Since there are no strict rules with non-monetary recognition, it helps engage employees more with frequent acknowledgments. This approach is cost-effective, increases engagement, and gives the company an efficient way to motivate employees without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win strategy for fostering a positive work culture and boosting employee engagement.

Why should the scope be global?

The scope should ideally be global to ensure consistency and uniformity across different regions. However, if necessary, localized options can be made available to cater to the specific needs of deskless workers operating in close-knit teams, where recognizing team members or direct reports locally is crucial.

Why do you recommend a public social feed?

A public feed is crucial for engagement, transparency, visibility, and public recognition. The best practice for public recognition is to share all recognitions on the JobPts social wall. This way, users can choose to be part of the recognition, building a sense of community. They can engage by liking, commenting, and reacting, boosting the adoption of the recognition program.

Are approvals a must?

Since this is a non-monetary program, it’s typically best not to set up approval processes or a budget.

Phase 1: Planning

Get a clear idea of the values you want your employees to be recognized for

Before you start creating the program, we recommend you think of a list of values typical for your company culture that you want employees to be recognized for. Your list of values can also be directly related to a list of goals and KPIs.

Example GOAL: Build strong company connections and motivate employees with meaningful and timely recognition.

semos cloud values example

Phase 2. Setup

Here’s how to set up the program within JobPts.

Step 1: Create transparent program guidelines and description

Each program should contain a proper and catchy description and representative image. Make sure you have this created so you can upload it within JobPts.

nonmonetary program

Step 2: Define access points

Employees can access the JobPts Recognition and Rewards platform through various entry points:

  1. HCM: Integrated with systems like SAP SuccessFactors or Oracle HCM, employees seamlessly access JobPts without leaving the HCM interface.
  2. Desktop: The most commonly used entry point across our client base is the desktop application.
  3. Mobile: Deskless employees can use the mobile app.
  4. Email: Deskless employees with email receive notifications via email.
  5. SMS: Ensure a consistent recognition experience for deskless employees by enabling SMS functionality.

Depending on your way of work and goals, you can encourage deskless employees to use the mobile phone entry point for recognition that reaches them anywhere, anytime.

If the majority of your deskless employees don’t have access to smartphones, we recommend enabling the SMS functionality. Recognition messages can include full content or a link to the JobPts platform. For SMS recognition, you can sync phone numbers from your HCM or add them manually. If employees have access to digital devices, provide a link to the JobPts platform.

sms recognition examples

Phase 3. Communication

Effective communication is crucial for success. Ensure your communication plan covers before, during, and after the program implementation. Tailor it to include a mix of digital and offline channels for maximum impact.

Get Ready to Unveil Excellence: Pre-Launch Communications Plan

Digital Promotion Templates

Pre-Program Launch

Subject Line:

Announcing a thrilling update for [DATE]!



Exciting news: our new Rewards & Recognition Platform launches on [DATE]!

Recognition is key to our success and team engagement. To celebrate [our 20th Company Anniversary and elevate our transformation journey], we’re introducing JobPts—an extraordinary employee recognition program.

JobPts lets us:

  • Highlight success-driving actions
  • Inspire others to join in
  • Recognize more heroes and spread positive vibes
  • Ensure fairness and consistency for all

Get ready for something amazing!



Program Launch

Subject Line: Big News: JobPts – Our New Recognition Platform Launching [DATE]!



Exciting news! Our new Recognition & Rewards Program is launching today!

At [COMPANY_NAME], we’re all about fostering a culture of recognition because we truly believe that our employees (that’s you!) are our biggest assets. With the Recognition & Rewards Program, you now have the power to acknowledge your peers or get recognized through a super user-friendly web platform.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Various recognition values to shout out your coworkers
  • A secure and social “recognition feed” where you can see and congratulate others
  • A cool mobile app for on-the-go recognition

Ready to jump in? Access the Recognition & Rewards Program through [LINK TO PREFERRED ENTRY POINT]. Use your company email as your username, and don’t forget to create a new password on your first login.

For all the details on how to navigate the program, manager tools, and the mobile app, check out the quick reference guides attached. Any questions? Reach out to for the recognition program or hit up the knowledge base.

Exciting times ahead! Click below to unlock our shiny new Rewards and Recognition Program.

Cheers to a year of celebrating achievements together!


Post Program Launch

After the program launch, continuously engage employees, here is one example for recognition days:

Subject Line: Celebrate Blue Collar Excellence: Join Us for Employee Appreciation Days!



This is big! It’s time to honor our hardworking, blue-collar heroes during our upcoming Employee Appreciation Days!

At [COMPANY_NAME], we know our blue-collar team keeps things running smoothly. That’s why we’re launching a special initiative to recognize their incredible efforts. Whether it’s a shout-out for dedication, teamwork, or going above and beyond, let’s celebrate their contributions.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • An opportunity to spotlight and appreciate our blue-collar stars
  • A dedicated space to share stories, commendations, and gratitude
  • Interactive sessions and surprise activities to show our appreciation

Ready to join in and show your support? Get involved by sharing your appreciation, stories, or even a simple “thank you” to our deskless colleagues.

Let’s make Employee Appreciation Days memorable for those who keep our wheels turning. Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate and make a difference!


Things to consider: To create a constant and engaging program communication experience, we suggest you also consider implementing an employee communications tool that will enable you to target the right audience, brand the communications, and add interactive elements such as images, videos, CTAs, and quick surveys.

Here is a summary of the best-case practices for deskless employees:

Offline Promotion Ideas

  • Physical events to launch the program with flyers, photo boots, printed recognition cards
  • Physical posters

posters deskless workers


  • Large TV displays – you can display leaderboards and promote gamification and positive competition
  • Kiosks

Phase 4. Engagement 

To keep employees engaged over time, include fun activities:

Digital recognition engagement practices

  • A series of recognition days. Download our Recognition Calendar.
  • Push notifications directly from the JobPts admin center to activate the employees and inspire them to send each other recognitions.

recognition reminder


Offline recognition practices

  • Kudos/ recognition box where employees can add recognition cards for physical recognition

blue collars recognition box


  • A physical bulletin board where employees can add recognition cards for physical recognition

bulletin board


  • Organize on-site events where team members can receive or win points (scratch) cards



scratch cards deskless employees