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Boost employee productivity and collaboration!

BoardFlo helps teams manage projects, collaborate with each other and keep track on all of their daily tasks and activities.

Why use Boardflo?

BoardFlo is a team and personal productivity hub that can be used to enhance standard HR processes, Kanban like Project Management or to empower your sales team with pipeline management.

1. Used for a variety of use cases

From the management of HR processes like recruiting and onboarding of your new employees to Sales management, Boardflo can cover 20+ types of use cases.

2. Integrated to your Enterprise systems

Use the power of integration and sync between SAP’s cloud applications with Boardflo and enhance your processes with BoardFlo.

3. Improve your teams’ communication

Improve your teams’ communication. Reduce email clutter and have your discussions attached to the projects you are working on with your colleagues. Transparency at its best.

4. Visually see work in progress

Visual management helps employees to instantly “see” and understand every part of a project or process, and in which phase is it, who is in charge, etc.

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