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Employee Recognition and Rewards RFP Template – ready to download

Download this RFP for Employee Recognition and Rewards Software to help you invest in the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

RFP Template for Employee Recognition and Rewards Solution 

When you are looking for the perfect Employee Recognition and Rewards Software for your companyRFP template is one of the most useful documents to have. Download our RFP template to see how it helps you grasp the functionalities and possibilities of different Recognition and Rewards Solutions. 

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Looking for an Employee Recognition and Rewards Sofware?

What is an RFP template? 

An RFP template is a framework of questions that covers all the key aspects of solution you are evaluating. An RFP template you can download here covers all the angles of the Employee Recognition and Rewards Solution you should be considering. With this consistent template, you will be able to compare different solutions according to their functionalities. 

This RFP template covers the following areas of Employee Recognition and Rewards Solutions: 

Recognition functionality 

First of all, you must check if the software under assessment follows the employee recognition best practices. By questioning if it supports peer-to-peer recognition, specifics of workflow management and more, you are checking if the software could enable high user adoptability. In other words – only carefully designed, innovative and user-friendly solution will ensure your employee recognition programs are deemed successful.

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Rewards functionality 

very important element of your recognition software are its rewards features. For example, if you cannot customize your rewards catalogue to match your employees’ needs, your employees will not feel motivated to use the software. Moreover, many solutions have markups on merchandise redemption, so you should be aware of this during decision making process. 

User and employee experience 

This section of your RFP template questions how you can adapt the software under evaluation to ensure higher adoptability by your workforce. Does the software offer any solutions for recognizing and rewarding your non-digital workers? Is the redemption experience seamless and straight-forward? 


It is crucial to find out which integrations does your potential recognition and rewards software support. Is it simple to synchronize and integrate employee data with your current employee management system or with the apps your employees commonly use, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google? 

Social functionality 

If you want your employees to love using your recognition software, you must ensure it has advanced social functionalities such as social wall or option to share their recognitions. Furthermore, integration with your employees’ favorite communication channels such as Slack or MS Teams ensures higher user adoptability. 

Contract, implementation and service 

Recognition software procurement process can be long. During that time, you need maximum attention and support from your vendor’s side. More importantly, you must find out which level of support to expect while your employees use the software. Does your vendor handle the rewards issues such as returns? Also, can you count on strategic guidance as you become a long-term customer?