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Increase employee satisfaction and retention with FeedBck!

FeedBck is a next-generation application to meet the functional needs of the HR program, at the customer site it complements the standardized HR processes

About FeedBck

Employee feedback is transforming the employee experience. FeedBck is a next-generation application to meet the functional needs of the HR program, at the customer site it complements the standardized HR processes found in SuccessFactors.

FeedBck Use Cases

Some of the use cases that FeedBck comprises our employee feedback talent processes continuing performance management, skill assessment mentoring and more.

With FeedBck your employees can instantly ask for feedback when they require it the most. This shortens the overall feedback cycle.

Employees can also rate the feedback received and everyone can learn faster from each other. These soft engines of the business quietly deliver extraordinary results and gives you a unique insight into the connectors, influencers, and true leaders of your organization providing a new source of identifying top talent.

FeedBck enriches the possibilities of communication in the organization, some of the standard features are:

  • Top-down
  • Bottom-up
  • Peer to peer or
  • Anonymous feedback.

Employees are able to respond on received feedback and create a conversation via the solution with 360-degree functionality.

Employees and managers can send request and rate feedback for a particular occasion or event.  Access at any time via mobile or desktop while promoting a culture of rich feedback is a core element of a high-performing environment.

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Fully Integration with SAP

FeedBck is developed and deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform which delivers the best in class performance and technical integration with SAP existing system landscape.

They are operated and run in the same SAP data centers as standard SAP cloud functionality such as SuccessFactors. This ensures delivery of the highest enterprise security and data protection while lowering your overall TCO, plus our dashboards provide an objective measure that provides insight into how trusted by their people your leaders truly are.

And how effective their feedback is in helping their people grow. You will also get results you can track segment measure and export with the leading in-memory platform SAP HANA.

FeedBck was designed to deliver serious improvements in the business culture and thanks to SAP Cloud Platform it’s why our dashboards, analytics, and reporting features are so robust.

Why Choose FeedBck

Here are just a few reasons why companies use FeedBck:

  • Simple clear user interfaces and authoritative dashboards: Tailored for each and every user from the CEO to the frontline manager. Without forcing you to change your operational ways FeedBck is very flexible and will accommodate your existing business processes.
  • Send and request feedback anytime anywhere: Access at any time via mobile, tablet or desktop, while promoting a culture of rich feedback, a core element of a high-performing environment.
  • Go beyond CPM and performance & Goals: Leverage the integration to SAP SuccessFactors and extend your existing modules’ continuous feedback capabilities. Extend Succession and Development with mentoring use cases or provide your employees with a solution to report on their existing skills but also what they wish to do in the future.
  • Dashboards and Analytics: Employee report, Manager report (top-down, team view), feedback rating across people attributes, constructive and helpful ratings and more.
  • Advanced administration enables reporting analysis and central maintenance of all HR data and to create your own reports.

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