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Resources How a Global Defense Group Profits with Employee Recognitions and Rewards Programs
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How a Global Defense Group Profits with Employee Recognitions and Rewards Programs

See how our Global Defense Group client has managed to fully support their employees while keeping their data completely safe and secured.


Rewards & Recognition Program in Numbers

Employees nominated in the first nomination period
Percentage of employees who used the recognitions in the first nominations round
Entities unified in a single platform
Recognition campaigns annually

About our client

A state-owned, defense technologies and services group; working through more than 20 separate entities. Their business line includes manufacturing and distributing various goods in a highly specialized line of business where long employee tenure is one of the crucial factors for success.

The group’s entities act as separate legal bodies, making it challenging to maintain a consistent culture and standard throughout the group.

The challenges:

To fully support their employees spread through different entities, our customer wanted a fully centralized system with real-time updates for recognitions and rewards. An additional requirement was full integration with the payroll system so that the employees could get awarded monetarily. At the same time, considering the nature of the business where information security and privacy are vital, it was important for the client to truly get an assurance that their data will be safe with us.


The Solution

While the Group has already invested heavily in keeping their employees engaged and connected, working in multiple clusters was bound to cause certain differences in cultures of each individual cluster. Part of the solution was setting up standards for recognition and rewards applicable to every single cluster with unified reporting mechanisms. At the same time, to avoid any drastic movements, the program had to allow the company differences to evolve naturally, in line with the basis of company culture.

On the technical side, serving the entire solution on SAP Business Platform ensured passing the strictest security and data governance requirements. Semos Cloud technology runs on SAP Data Centers that classify as Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers operating with maximum security standards. Additionally, it’s GDPR compliant, following ISO security standards, and SAP invests more than €500 Million yearly to keep the data secure and private.

While security and privacy are vital issues, the main challenge of the program was making it impactful for the employees. In the end, they are the primary beneficiaries of the Rewards and Recognition program. Enabling 4 different awards programs to run at once – separately in each of the entities and keeping the unified reporting is what brought key stakeholders to choose JobPts. Semos Cloud solutions are fully configurable to suit the company needs enabling the complete transfer of entities culture to the Recognition and Rewards software.

Some of the Reasons Why They Chose Semos Cloud:

  • Proven to be a secure technological solution with ongoing investments to always stay on top of potential threats
  • The most configurable solution, perfectly adaptable to any and all needs of separate entities in the group
  • Usage of PULL API to get data for sequenced recognition programs happening in multiple levels
  • Taking account of each company culture and adapting solutions to recognize the differences, but directing them towards the same standard
  • Unified reporting gathering data from multiple data sources

The Results:


What did the Group accomplish after implementing JobPts:

  • Fully digitalized recognition reports available on multiple levels – for single entities as well as a group view.
  • 4 different recognition campaigns celebrating individuals or teams that make it worthwhile for employees to engage throughout the entire year.
  • Social feed about recognitions got colleagues from different entities more acquainted with success. Recognizing achievements proved to be an opportunity for knowledge share as well.
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