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Resources How Hatch Uses Nurture to Grow Their Talent and Drive Company Success
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How Hatch Uses Nurture to Grow Their Talent and Drive Company Success

Learn about how Hatch uses Nurture, our employee feedback module, to grow their talent and drive company success.

hatch case study

About Hatch 

Hatch is a 65 years old company that has started as a Canadian employee owned company. Today, Hatch has 9000 employees on 5 different continents 

Driven by excellence in the engineering world, Hatch was looking to implement new processes and ideas for employee mentorship, feedback and career development 

We spoke to Eric Murakami, the Global Director of HR Operations & Technology at Hatchwho told us about how hatch is using Semos Cloud’s Nurture, employee feedback solution.  

Results Driven With Nurture

Employees on five different continents
Feedback participation rate before Nurture
Feedback participation rate after Nurture
Of employees asked for feedback

The Challenge 

Hatch has a legacy of success and it believes that it has a secret sauce for how to succeed in the professional services engineering space. 

Their mentoring culture and giving feedback to employees plays a crucial role here. For those reasons, Hatch has implemented 2 new processes to enable their employees keep learning and rowing their careers: 

  1. Work Assignment Feedback Form- WAFF 
  2. Career Management Discussions- CMD 

Hatch believed that these new efforts would help employees get feedback on their work and help managers understand better how their employees are doing.  

However, the ideas of mentoring in a very fluid and dynamic way, without a solution to support that, was impossible and not scalable. SAP’s PMGM, the solution Hatch was using before Nurture, wasn’t a good fit for a few reasons: 

  1. PMGM didn’t enable fluid way of getting and receiving feedback 
  2. Lack of unsolicited peer-to-peer feedback 
  3. Employees couldn’t request feedback
  4. Managers couldn’t ask for feedback about their employees 
  5. PMGM was not user-friendly causing low participation rates of less than 17% in a period of 12 months 

Watch an interview about Hatch Best practices and learning about implementing feedback solution

The Solution 

Being aware of the Performance Management solution limitations, Hatch decided to look for a different provider.  

As a Success Factors user, Hatch first looked into the SAP’s ecosystem to find solutions that could be easily implemented and integrated with their other HR tools and that could enable them get the most out of their internal processes such as WAFFs and CMDs.

Aside from being an employee feedback solution used by SAP’s employees, Hatch has decided to start a pilot process with Nurture because it was the only solution that could support their internal goals and career development ideas 

For Hatch, it was extremely important that any employee or any manager could give or ask for feedback at any time 

With Nurture, any employee or manager can give or ask for feedback at any time, and we have finally found a technology that supports our internal processes and Career Development incentives.

Eric Murakami, Global Director of HR Operations & Technology at Hatch

The Results 

Hatch’s Recognition and Career Development people firmly believed that Nurture could help them build a holistic framework of how they enable career development and provide feedback. 

Just 2 months after reaching out to Semos Cloud, Hatch started a pilot process with 460 Hatch employees in two regions.  

The goal of this pilot was to understand if employees and managers are willing to give feedback in a systematic way if the process was enabled by better technology.  

Just 3 months into the pilot, the results were incredible: 

  • 46% participation rate in a period of less than three months 
  • 86% of those employees said that they would, with the new solution, now use the Work Assignment Feedback Form 
  • 55% of employees who participated asked for feedback which helped Hatch understand how valuable feedback is to their employees 
  • Hatch got valuable insights that have helped them understand how to further drive and encourage the culture of mentorship and feedback 
  • Hatch has found the solution that support their internal processes and is perfectly integrated with SAP’s Success Factors 

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Why Nurture 

65% of employees want more feedback. Yet, close to 70% don’t get any. 

Unlike many other providers for employee feedback and engagement, Nurture is a flexible solution designed to meet your company’s goals and internal processes.  

Here are just a few reasons why companies choose Nurture: 

  • Peer-to-peer feedback 
  • Employee feedback requests 
  • Unsolicited feedback 
  • Managers get better understanding of their employees’ efforts and career advancement opportunities 
  • Ability to reward employees for good work through JobPts, our rewards & recognition module 
  • High user adoption due to user-friendliness 
  • Easy implementation 
  • Seamless integration with other HR solutions such as Success Factors 
  • 24/7 customer support 

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