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How JTI is Driving Cultural Transformation with Rewards & Recognition

Learn about how a global company with 45 000 employees across the world drives cultural transformation with Inspire Awards, their rewards & recognition program.

About JTI 

JTI was formed in 1999. Since then, the company’s international workforce has driven two decades of growth. 

Today, JTI has more than 45,000 employees driving their success all over the world. 

For the past 5 years, JTI has been certified as a Global Top Employer, and in 2019 they once again secured regional certification in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

Rewards & Recognition Program in Numbers

Employees nominated in the first nomination period
Nationalities engaged in the recognition program
The average number of nominations per employee
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The Challenge 

With over 45 000 employees from over 110 nationalities, it can be extremely hard to drive, communicate and implement cultural transformation efforts.   

Numerous acquisitions and fast company growth didn’t allow enough time and resources to focus on: 

  • Decreasing bureaucracy 
  • Lowering hierarchy and changing the span of control 
  • Clearer team accountability 
  • Boosting agility and flexibility 

Therefore, one of the main JTI’s goals was to drive cultural transformation through the change of employee behavior. 

In order so understand what would help them successfully eliminate the challenges and transform the culture, JTI performed an employee engagement survey.  

From the survey, they found out that over 30% of employees are looking for a non-monetary recognition for their work.

This is not surprising as the global research on the same topic states that over 65% of employees don’t feel recognized for their work.  

Based on the insights, JTI started looking for solutions that could help them drive the cultural change initiatives.

JTI concluded that implementing an employee recognition and rewards program could help them drive employee motivation to support and engage into the transformation process.  

The Solution 

Based on the insights, JTI started looking for solutions that could help them drive their cultural change initiatives and embed new employee behavior standards: 

  • Keep it simple- look for solutions that reduce complexities 
  • Stay accountable- speak up and don’t be afraid of failure 
  • Make things happen- drive positive change 
  • Think one team- always put team before an individual 

Soon, JTI concluded that implementing an employee recognition and rewards program, to appreciate and reward adoption of these new behaviors, could help them drive employee motivation to accept and engage into the transformation process. 

Here a sneak peek into how JTI designed the look and feel of their recognition program inside JobPts. 

Just a few reasons why JTI team has chosen Semos Cloud’s JobPts include:  

  • Ability to implement both monetary and non-monetary rewards. Note that this program was 100% non-monetary! 
  • Flexibility to create custom made recognition programs and launch them both locally and globally. 
  • User-friendly technology made it much easier for digital and non-digital employees to engage and participate. 
  • Semos Cloud’s responsive support team had been supporting the whole implementation process and helped them implement the program in a record time. The whole program was launched in over 40 branches, to over 45 000 employees in just two months 
  • Ability to drive new behaviors through a program that is fun for employees 
  • Perfect and seamless integration with the current HR solution, SAP Success Factors. 
Andrew Bean from JTI
“We wanted a solution that would help us drive cultural change in JTI. As our employees were looking for more appreciation, implementing Rewards & Recognition program with JobPts was the perfect solution.”

Andrew Bean, Manager of People and Culture Communications

The Results 

Just 2 months after the JobPts free trial, JTI has started with their Inspire Awards recognition program 

The employees from all over the world could nominate and reward their colleagues for the new behaviors.

To measure the success of the new program, JTI has defined some KPIs such as nomination rates, employee engagement rates, talent attraction and changes in employee behaviors.  

Here is what JTI managed to achieve short after the implementation:  

  • Even though this program was completely non-monetary, close to 30% or over 13 000 of employees have nominated someone in the first nomination period.  
  • The average number of nominations per person was 3 nominees 
  • The engagement on JTI’s internal communications platform, Facebook Workplace, has skyrocketed.  
  • The changes in culture and behaviors such as being more agile, less hierarchical and more accountable have been constantly growing which is seen directly in company’s performance.  
  • The overall experience with SAP’s solutions, such as Success Factors, has increased significantly.
  • JTI got new employer brand ambassadors which has helped them attract new talent that, for tobacco industry, can be extremely hard to do.  

Suddenly, people started celebrating others’ success and the CEO started congratulating the winners from all over the world.  

Just by implementing a simple “Thank you” Inspire Awards program, JTI has managed to deliver memorable employee experience that is almost impossible to achieve in such big enterprise companies! 

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Why JobPts 

Adding a recognition and rewards program not only drives employee engagement, cultural change and employee retention, but it can also significantly enhance existing employee performance efforts. 

JobPts has been implemented by companies across the world who had the goal to digitalize their HR efforts, transform their employee experience and boost their employee productivity. 

Some of the main reasons why employers choose JobPts include: 

  • Easy to implement and onboard 
  • Drives employee engagement and satisfaction 
  • Increases employee productivity 
  • User-friendly and addictive to use 
  • Powerful analytics for better decision making 
  • Full integration of SAP Cloud Platform, SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and SAP S/4HANA® 
  • Easy to extend to other solutions from our employee experience suite: HealthainFeedBckBoardFloWorkVibe and SurveyRocks. 
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