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Semos Cloud Revolutionizes Recognition with AI-powered Fraud Detection, NFTs, and more… 

Author: Sofija Tancheva Last updated: April 26, 2024 Reading time: 3 minutes

Semos Cloud Revolutionizes Recognition with AI-powered Fraud Detection, NFTs, and more… 

LEWISVILLE, Texas – April, 2024  

Semos Cloud, a leading provider of Culture Intelligence solutions, today announced a suite of innovative new functionalities designed to enhance program engagement, transparency, and security. These updates include a dynamic leaderboard page, NFT recognition options, and more. 

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What is new in JobPts – Culture & Recognition? 

  • AI-powered Fraud Detection: JobPts goes beyond basic security with its AI-powered system that proactively detects and prevents fraud across various aspects of the recognition program. This includes identifying suspicious point circulation patterns, monitoring for unusual redemption behavior, and ensuring fair award distribution.  
  • Dynamic Leaderboard: The redesigned leaderboard showcases user rank, team and/ or individual nomination winners, and personalized milestones like “Master Appreciator” or “Recognition Pro,” fostering healthy competition and recognition journey tracking. 
  • NFT Recognition: Users can now convert appreciations into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – a unique, digital record of an achievement. These NFTs can be shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn, further amplifying recognition and building a personal recognition collection. 
  • Enhanced LinkedIn Sharing: Users can now preview and configure recognition messages before sharing them on LinkedIn. Additionally, they can showcase their earned NFTs, fostering social sharing and professional branding. 

And that is not all. In the recent pack of innovations, Semos Cloud also announced the latest Nurture – Employee Communications solution upgrade – AI Generated Surveys and Insights.  

  • AI-Generated Surveys and Insights: Nurture leverages AI to generate targeted surveys, simplifying feedback collection. Additionally, the AI-generated insights in the survey reports present categorized responses, highlighting areas requiring admin attention and facilitating data-driven program improvements. 
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How the Recent Innovations Empower Employees and Elevate Employee Experience  

Engagement & Motivation: 

  • Accessing appreciation rank and seeing team or individual winners helps foster healthy competition and motivates users to participate more actively. 
  • Earning and keeping NFTs provides a sense of accomplishment and personal branding opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn. 

Transparency & Fairness: 

  • The AI-powered fraud detection system prevents abuse and ensures fair recognition distribution. 

Improved Feedback & Actionable Insights: 

  • AI-generated surveys streamline feedback collection and provide categorized data for informed decision-making. 
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“We’re committed to providing organizations with the most engaging and secure recognition programs available,” said Saso Ivanovski, Chief Technology Officer at Semos Cloud. “These new capabilities empower employees to celebrate achievements in exciting new ways, while also ensuring program integrity and maximizing its impact.” 

To see the latest innovations in action download our booklet with innovations or schedule a personalized demo.  

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