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Resources How SUN Communities Increased Employee Engagement by 175%
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How SUN Communities Increased Employee Engagement by 175%

Learn how Sun Communities increased employee engagement by 175% with reinvented recognition program using JobPts.

About Sun Communites

SUN Communities and Sun RV Resorts are public traded real investment trust, operating on more than 350 locations throughout the US and Ontario. With around 4000 team members with large seasonal workforce fluctuations, and wide profiles of employees, they needed a recognition and reward solution that will touch all employees on a daily basis, using technology but without need sitting next to the computer.

Results Driven by the Rewards Program

Increase in employee engagement
Yearly savings
Increase in average Glassdoor ratings
Hours per year saved on system management

How Sun Communities manage to recreate company culture and boost engagement?


Challenges and objectives

  • Increase employee engagement which was in drop-off phase.
  • Get a modern, user-friendly app with mobile access and single sign-on, ability to make it easy to use for all employees – even those without computer access
  • Give the employee a maximum value for earned points, cut down high markup for employees.
  • Option to customize and develop custom branded features


The JobPts – Why Semos Cloud

  • The application is built on SAP Cloud Platform, so it was entirely tied to existing data in SuccessFactors – very fast implementation process
  • From start solution offered a lof of unique and very attracting features like peer-to-peer recognition, celebrating special occasions, implemented very rich award catalog.
  • Possibility to develop additional features per specific company requirements, implement company catalog.


The Results

  • Custom tailored and SUN branded product went live in only 90 days.
  • Automation of anniversary messages and point assignments to various event occurred recognitions, increasing access to rewards. Link to company’s Glassdoor rating in anniversary messages bring increase from 2,9 to 4,3 in just few months.
  • Created customized redemption options, such as lottery scratchers, raffles, and charitable donations – making rewards programs more enticing and more fun.
  • Elimination of the existing price markup when employees use reward points to purchase services, which led to $76000 savings in first three months.
  • Implemented custom company catalog with branded products
  • Ability to convert collected points to charity donations.
”Semos Cloud was EXCEPTIONAL to work with. We now have a highly branded tool that seamlessly fits within our intranet and features a ton of awesome rewards options for our team. Feedback since go-live has been very positive, but even better is the measurable adoption of the product we’ve seen through user engagement and reporting.”

Marc Farrugia, Vice President Human Resources at Sun Communities

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