AI for Managers vs. Employees: Building AI that Empowers, Not Replaces

The future of work is here, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already revolutionizing the way we operate in the workplace. But will AI become our robotic overlord, replacing both managers and employees? Or can it be harnessed as a powerful tool to empower everyone?

This free webinar, featuring VP and Product Strategy Leader Josh Gosliner from SAP and Semos Cloud’s CEO Filip Misovski, will explore this critical question. You’ll gain insights into how AI will reshape roles and responsibilities across your organization, from automating administrative tasks to helping managers make better decisions. We’ll also explore strategies for ensuring AI is implemented ethically and responsibly, fostering a diverse and thriving workforce.

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Uncover the Impact of AI: Learn how AI will change your workplace, from automating tasks to reshaping roles. Gain insights into the potential benefits and risks of AI implementation.


Empower Your Workforce: Discover how AI can be used to augment human capabilities, not replace them. We’ll delve into strategies for ensuring fair, unbiased AI decisions and the skills needed to excel in an AI-powered future.

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Prepare for the Future: Explore how AI can create a more engaged and productive workforce. We’ll also discuss strategies for helping traditional workplaces with diverse generations adapt and thrive in the digital age.


josh gosliner

Josh Gosliner

VP and Product Strategy Leader at SAP

filip misovski

Filip Misovski

CEO at Semos Cloud