Effectively Managing Internal Communications Tech Stack: Doing More With Less

The importance of internal communications has been on the rise for the past couple of years. Partially, that was due to the effect of a pandemic and making sure the workforce stays connected in new circumstances. On the other hand, the rising trend started even earlier due to the changing nature of work.

The globalized workforce thrives on efficient communications systems, which at times can get siloed, clustered, and outright messy.

Introducing Rocco Giuliano, an experienced internal communications expert, driving the change in leading technology company SAP. He will share the intricacies of internal communications systems in SAP.

internal communications tech stack


How does internal communication affect the entirety of the workforce?


How does technology/software impact internal communications?

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How to determine your organization’s needs from internal communication?

rocco giuliano

Rocco Giuliano

HR Communications Expert at SAP