Engage & Recognize: Revolutionizing Rewards for Your Deskless Workforce

Feeling the disconnect with your deskless employees? They comprise over 80% of the modern workforce, yet traditional recognition programs often leave them out in the cold. This webinar will show you how to bridge the gap and empower your entire team.  Join Ana Binovska (Head of Customer Success) and discover actionable strategies and innovative technology solutions to create a culture of appreciation that extends beyond the four walls of the office.
deskless webinar


Deeper understanding: Gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by a deskless workforce.


Actionable strategies: Learn practical methods to effectively engage and recognize your remote and mobile employees.

org alignment

Physical Engagement: Discover creative ways to boost program adoption through company events, workplace posters, and interactive activities.


ana binovska webinar

Ana Binovska

Head of Customer Success at Semos Cloud