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BoardFlo is a team and personal productivity hub that can be used to drive employee collaboration and to enhance standard HR processes such as career succession planning, new hire onboarding, learning & development and many more.

Why Boardflo?

Flexible platform to accommodate a variety of use cases
From the management of HR processes like recruiting and onboarding of your new employees to Sales management, Boardflo can cover 20+ types of use cases.
Integrated to your Enterprise systems
Use the power of integration and sync between SAP’s cloud applications with Boardflo and enhance your processes with BoardFlo.
Improve your teams’ communication
Improve your teams’ communication. Reduce email clutter and have your discussions attached to the projects you are working on with your colleagues – transparency at its best.
Visually see work in progress
Visual management helps employees to instantly “see” and understand every part of a project or process, and in which phase is it, who is in charge, etc.

Extend your HR practices and collaborate with your team members on Onboarding and Recruiting tasks.  


  • Candidates Pipeline 
  • Interviews 
  • Learning  
  • Mentoring  

Boardflo lets you manage all your sales processes, leads, customer and partner relationships,, sales pipelines, and tasks in one centralized system where everyone can collaborate.

  • Transcriptive Kanban Boards – to help your team keep track of the tasks that need to be done to win their next deal  
  • Lead management – delegate with your team members to accelerate the conversion  
  • Customer Success – Extend the project management also towards your customer and accelerate their adoption   
  • Channel and Partner collaboration – work with your partners in a mutual board and have a transparent relationship 

Bring the power of BoardFlo into your Enterprise Applications   

  • Extend BoardFlo with data you already have using integrations and APIs.    
  • BoardFlo with your SAP Cloud Applications as the engine to infuse Project Management into your core HR and Sales processes
  • With our SAP Cloud Platform backed technology, we will protect your data with encryption, SSO authentication all while being stored in SAP compliant data centers 

Boardflo – Team and Personal Productivity Hub

One board to fit all

Describe tasks, define labels, assign members, set a due date – everything with a few clicks. Use colors to easier navigate through the board. Track progress and make smart capacity planning choices, easily prioritize tasks. Filter cards per label, user, due date or list. Always keep an eye on boards and ensure that projects and processes get delivered. Upload all needed materials and documentation without compromising IT data privacy standards.

Team collaboration and communication

Comment and assign members, define steps and describe tasks, add attachments – all in the same context. Reduce the need for meetings and painfully long email threads. Receive a notification when someone comment, leave feedback or mention you. Increase employee engagement and cooperation on a daily basis.

Limitless number of use cases

Customize BoardFlo to manage any workflow or process, address any challenge. Only imagination and company needs are the limits on how to organize your boards. Create company predefined templates for specific procedures or give employees the freedom to define their way how to coordinate the team, tasks and manage projects. Copy boards, lists, and tasks, or easily drag and drop them to follow progress.

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