Create Personalized Journeys for Your Employees

BoardFlo is an Employee Journey Management solution that can be used to drive employee collaboration, boost productivity, and streamline standard HR processes such as career succession planning, new hire onboarding, and learning & development.

Why Boardflo?

Various Use Cases
When used as a kanban solution, BoardFlo can cover a high variety of use cases around talent management, succession planning, learning and development, and many more.
Integration with Enterprise Systems
Connect BoardFlo with your existing technology solutions and make internal processes in your organization more streamlined and automated.
Communication and Collaboration
Enable your employees for success by giving them an easy way to collaborate with their peers and keep all the relevant information in one place.
Visual Task Management
Give your employees a way to track all their efforts and outstanding tasks in one place. Provide a real-time view of everything that needs employees’ attention.

A Central Place for All Your Employees’ Tasks and Projects

BoardFlo can serve as a central place for all your employees’ individual or company-wide tasks, project timelines, internal communications, and important updates and information.

Robust notification systems and intuitive, user-friendly, design empower employees to easily track and visualize all their current, future, outstanding or ongoing projects.

Standardize, Streamline, and Centralize Your Internal Processes

Pre-built templates for various scenarios can be used to make internal processes more agile, streamlined, and standardized.

Employees, managers, and department heads can create personalized boards for specific business needs and objectives, making talent and project management transparent and more productive.

Create Personalized Career Paths

With BoardFlo, managers and coaches can create personalized employee journeys and career paths to guide their people through success. These journeys serve as a place-to-go for everything that employees need to be more productive, efficient, and agile.

With intuitive, real-time, dashboards of employees’ current journeys, managers are always up-to-date with all their employees’ tasks and projects.


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