Real-Time 360 Degree Feedback

Allow your employees to instantly ask for feedback when they require it the most.

FeedBck employee feedback software

Why FeedBck?

Give and ask for feedback as work happens
Not only at certain points in the year. FeedBck creates a healthy dialog that helps grow the talent in your company
Recognize achievements and milestones
Document achievements and allow peers to recognize and reward each other on their contributions to the company and to others
Full Integration
Integrate with your core HR Performance and Goals competencies and goals and allow peers to give feedback on your individual or top company priorities
Powerful reporting capabilites
Reporting for individuals and for managers so everyone is aligned with their goals and expectations. Your 1-on-1’s will be constructive and meaningful
Human Resources
Sales and Customer
API module

Create instant Feedback processes for various HR procceses like:

  • Continous Performance Feedback (CPM) with 360 capabilities
  • Objectives and key results feedback (OKR)
  • Skills Assesments
  • Unsolicitad Feedback (Anonymous)
  • Feedback for individuals achievment

Provide reporting for your employees and your managers about their development and their strength areas to grow them rather just rate them

Enable your teams to have an open dialog with your partners, channels and your customers

Ditch Emails for a centralized system that can foster a healthy dialog between your company and your consumers. 

Tie Feedback with loyalty and manage everything in our Workvibe suite. Allow your employees to recognize and engage with your audience in other meaningful ways.

Bring the power of FeedBck into your Enterprise Applications

  • Combine FeedBck data with data you already have using integrations and APIs
  • Use FeedBck with your SAP Cloud Applications as the engine to gain feedback from your employees and your consumers
  • With our SAP Cloud Platform backed technology, we will protect your data with encryption, SSO authentication all while being stored in SAP compliant data centers

Give and Ask for Immediate Feedback

Instant Feedback & Insights

FeedBck is focused on ongoing growth and development of talent in your company. That is why you can setup peer-to-peer feedback processes to allow your employees to instantly ask for feedback when they require it the most. This shortens the overall feedback cycle and provides the insight for the employee and the manager about development and strength areas of each individual in the company.

Connect Feedback with Recognition and Rewards Programs 

Elevate the gamification engine built in to create various engagement engines such as Achievements board, Voting mechanism for top contributors in your company.

Enable managers to send recognition and rewards to individuals that have excelled on a personal level and helped inspire others in the company. 

Allow your workforce to interact and engage on each other’s achievements, milestones and contributionon their daily activities.


Fully Customizable for Specific Company Needs

Continuous Feedback processes are not a “one size fits all” practice. That is why FeedBck was built to be customizable to fit to your companies’ culture and needs. Dialog can be created for various talent processes and not limited only to CPM or traditional performance and goals reviews and ratings.

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