Transform Communications for the New World of Work

Strong communication is the foundation of a healthy company culture. Our Nurture Communications Cloud enables your internal communicators and leaders to engage your people with hyper-personalized, measurable communications experiences that drive business goals. Together, we’ll reimagine the communication in your enterprise.
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Create Internal Communication That Matters 

The finest internal communication campaigns start with us. Our fully automated solution enables you to finally upgrade from the outdated and manual approach to communication. 

Our easy-to-use drag and drop features empower you to create visually engaging branded emails and updates. Utilize enterprise-ready templates or use popular content from the central library for your internal communication needs. 

Personalize the Message and Target the Right Audience

A best-in-class internal communication platform makes sure all employee groups receive communication that is relevant and meaningful to them. 

Integrate your core HR software with our solution and use data to personalize the communication. Connect dynamically with individuals, groups, or departments to communicate the right updates to the right audience. 

Increase Your Efficiency With Automated Workflows

Our incredibly reliable workflows will take your communication organization to the next level. 

The system streamlines your workflow for planning, co-creating, reviewing and approving communications, everything from regular updates to changes in policies or company culture initiatives. Align your stakeholders and keep everyone up to date, using our pre-delivered workflows. 

Measure and Maximize Communications Impact

Generate impact reports to help you understand how your enterprise communications have improved. Track adoption rates among your workforce to make sure everyone is aware, responding and acting on all communications. Analyze responses in real time and make better business decisions with full insight into how employees engage with your messaging.

Take Your Company’s Communications to the Next Level

Make Feedback an Occasion To Look Forward To

If you are looking for a tool to streamline employee feedback, you are at the right place.

Our solution brings feedback to the frontline of your company culture. Enable employees to ask for feedback instantly or give feedback to their peers after finishing an assignment. Feedback can be given anonymously as well, ensuring every employee’s privacy, while taking care of cultural differences and psychological safety. User friendly interface with vast capabilities makes giving feedback a joyous experience.

Manage Feedback Programs on a Local and Global Scale

Whether managing them locally or globally, your employees benefit from effective feedback programs that guide their efforts. Design evaluative or developmental feedback programs to help employees progress their career, learn new skills and recognize their belonging to the company.

Consolidate all your feedback programs using one solution and administrate the programs with ease. With Feedback, you can manage every feedback program for any purpose or region of your workforce to make it culturally more accessible and customized for individual or company needs.

Never Lose Track of Employee Feedback

Our solution ensures you will never miss any feedback from your team.

Your HR professionals and managers can access all the relevant analytics and reports about feedback activities on an individual, team, or company level. Make easy-to-interpret reports that tell you exactly where your culture needs more transparency. Real-time notifications on the other hand make sure you get a chance to review every feedback when it matters.

Prepare Feedback Anywhere, Anytime

Get all the benefits of going mobile. Check your notes, previous feedbacks and reports on any device to make a full preparation for your early feedback session during commute, or morning coffee.

We made full use of mobile capabilities, allowing you to take notes anywhere, anytime, making Feedback suited to manage deskless workers as well.

Make Each Communication Count

Give Everyone a Voice in Your Organization 

Our cutting-edge Communications Cloud offers a survey solution to put employee listening at the forefront of your organization. Enable your administrators to create, automate, and target specific employee groups with surveys. Gather insights, discover workforce trends and communicate back to employees. You will never miss a chance to listen to your employees.

Embed Surveys in Comms to Get Higher Participation

Build meaningful feedback loops with customizable employee surveys, directly in our internal communications platform.  Add long, detailed or short surveys easily to any of your communications to make sure you reach your whole workforce, promote feedback culture and boost participation.  Make it even easier for employees to answer a quick survey question and directly submit from the email communication. 

Empower Managers and Employees to Get Feedback 

An industry-leading communication encourages collaboration and independent work alike. With our solution, managers and employees can push employee pulse surveys without having to reach out to HR or IT support first. 

Gather valuable answers with text-based questions, sliders, and multiple-part questions with checkboxes.  If you want to hear your employees’ opinions, create lightning-fast surveys, and listen to what they have to say. 

Back Your Decisions With Data-rich Reports

Great communicators rely on data to transform their communications. You will not second-guess your internal communication and listening strategy after a survey report from Communications Cloud. Leverage analytics and generated reports from Communications Cloud and develop the best listening strategy for your employees.

Our Comms Solution Connects Like No Other. Customized, Localized and at Best Value.

Guide Employees in Their Journey

There are no shortcuts in a successful employee journey. Instead of having employees lose focus, use the journey solution in our Communications Cloud to guide them through professional and personal workflows. Such as onboarding, going through an employee handbook, new safety protocols, exploring career opportunities, transferring to a new role, starting a new project, getting married, or having a baby.

Personalized Journeys and Boards Built for Collaboration

Assign and automate tailored journeys based on specific needand a comprehensive understanding of each employee.

Individuals, managers and HR teams use Kanban-like functionalities to collaborate and prioritize performance, health and other HR activities while also assigning the right team members to the right steps in that journey. Collaboratively share updates with a colleague, manager, or a team. 

Build New Journeys and Boards With Ease

Our solution is packed with rich features for creating and delivering employee journeys with detailed progress tracking for every step of their way. Start a new project faster than ever with smart and customizable templates. Modify and change templates to fit every task and scenario.  

Use over 30 pre-built templates for various scenarios to make existing and new ad-hoc processes more agile, streamlined, and standardized. 

Get Real-time Analytics and Insights

Gain insights into your workforce, while managing multiple journeys to improve compliance, career development, and other critical experiences—driving alignment, growth, and success.  Get analytics on the progress of journeys that people started, activities completed, questions and comments made.  Admins can also update content and drill down to any running instance of a journey and board. 

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