Actively Listen to Your Employees

SurveyRocks is an employee survey software for active employee listening that enables leaders and HR professionals to better understand their employees’ engagement levels, concerns, and feelings.

SurveyRocks employee surveys software

Why SurveyRocks?

Employee Engagement
Automate your engagement surveys with pre-built templates and automated deployments using our integration with SAP SuccessFactors.
Pulse Checks
Send automatic surveys to your employees or allow your managers to create their own to get actionable data to understand their team’s pulse.
Automatic Surveys
Create automatic surveys to gain feedback about your core HR and talent practices. From onboarding to exit surveys, performance & goals and daily check-ins.
Role Based User Experience
With SurveyRocks you can enable your managers to use our pre-built surveys or create new surveys from scratch while providing them powerful data, reporting, and analytics.

Surveys for All Your Company’s Needs

Human Resources
Leaders & Managers
SurveyRocks - Employee surveys

HR professionals can use SurveyRocks to get quick, company-wide, feedback from employees.

There are many pre-built surveys available for accessing a company’s efforts in:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Assessments
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Exit Feedback
SurveyRocks - Customer relationship surveys

Leaders and managers should continuously encourage their employees’ share of voice. With the emergence of remote work, continuous check-ins have become a must-have.

With SurveyRocks, managers can create, distribute, and automate surveys in a matter of seconds. Robust, AI-powered, analytics give valuable data and actionable insights for improvement.

SurveyRocks - API integrations

Individual employees can also use SurveyRocks to create simple and intuitive surveys.

They can use the surveys to collect feedback both internally from their peers and managers as well as externally from their clients, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Enterprise-Grade Survey Platform

Encourage Your Employees’ Share of Voice

With built-in survey templates and our pre-built integrations, senders can engage with their audience quickly and in an automated manner. 

Use our robust analytics to make data-driven decisions while the results are instantly available for your admins and your managers alike

User Experience that Drives Engagement

HR organizations and line managers can create a direct line of communication with the workforce with pre-built surveys or by creating new surveys from scratch.

Surveys can be used to capture employees’ feedback on a variety of topics. Collected results can be utilized for departmental, HR, legal, and strategic decision-making.

SAP is JobPts customer
“We continuously get requests from teams to run surveys on SurveyRocks because they enjoy the UI and want to switch to this new platform. We have great experience and we are getting excellent support with high responsiveness and short resolution times.”

Georg Arnold, Director HR Technology at SAP Österreich GmbH

Extend Your Enterprise Applications with SurveyRocks 

SurveyRocks gives you the ability to listen to your internal and external stakeholders. It integrates with your Enterprise Applications and allows you to gain insights about key aspects of your business.

SurveyRocks integrates with SAP SuccessFactors and enables you to build automatic pulse checks for all of your HR processes such as recruiting, engagement, onboarding, learning and development, and employee exits.

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Modern and Easy-to-Use Interface

SurveyRocks - Enterprise Survey Solution
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SurveyRocks - Employee surveys
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