HR Tech In The Age Of Skills Talent Shortage: What’s Next?

The size of the labor force is shrinking. One of the reasons is simply due to demographics; high-income countries have an increasingly aging population, and this, with the trend of lower number of births; leads to a fluctuating job market that currently experiences skills and talent shortages. In this webinar, Dr. Thomas Otter and Filip Misovski discuss what companies can do right now to solve their skills and talent challenges, and what opportunities are there to bring remedy fast, while working on long-term solutions for people sustainability.
ht tech in skills talent shortage


How to expand the talent pool to tackle talent shortage


What are the challenges of hiring foreign talent


How HR Tech helps with managing skill shortages in a workforce


thomas otter

Thomas Otter

General Partner at Acadian Ventures

filip misovski

Filip Misovski

CEO of Semos Cloud