14 Ways To Engage Your Employees On Appreciation Day

Discover the power of recognition on Employee Appreciation Day! Join our webinar with Stefan Georgievski and Ivana Temelkova for expert insights. Learn how happy employees are 31% more productive and 63% more likely to stay. Find out why 68% of HR professionals believe in the positive impact of recognition programs on retention. Uncover engaging and fair practices to boost your team’s morale. Don’t miss this chance to make every day better for your employees—tune in for actionable steps and fun ideas!
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Ways to celebrate appreciation days

moments that matter

Other popular events that can be celebrated across the company

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Promoting the recognition program to ensure its adoption

ivana temelkova

Ivana Temelkova

Sales Development Representative at Semos Cloud

stefan georgievski

Stefan Georgievski

Sales Development Representative at Semos Cloud