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How Evoqua Boosts Employee Motivation with Rewards and Recognition

Learn about how a company with over 4,000 employees globally improves employee engagement with JobPts, a Rewards & Recognition program.


About Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies’ efforts to promote recycling and reuse of water and support the circular economy affirms its position in the vanguard of the sustainability movement. As one of the companies identified on the SDG-2,000 list, Evoqua’s influence is globally recognized.

With more than a 100 years of tradition of providing key solutions for safe, reliable and available water, Evoqua Water Technologies is now a global operation and a public company with 150 offices operating in 9 countries and serving 38,000 customers.


The Situation

As a public company with a global workforce of over 4,000 employees, Evoqua relies on its multilingual workforce working in offices and factory locations on several continents. 

Different workspaces and workflows make for different employee needs, which should all be taken into account to achieve a seamless Employee Experience. 

To keep pace with the changing demands of the workforce, Evoqua’s comprehensive dedication to employee care called for a new phase of nourishing its people-focused culture.  

We’ve identified several major areas to target in order to accomplish an aligned, engaged and agile workforce across continents and company locations:

  • not all employees have corporate emails, hourly employees need to be included in the rewards and recognition process as well
  • the variety of locale and language across 9 countries makes communicating corporate values for multilingual workforce a challenge
  • maximum alignment and integrability of HR tech tools for increased scalability and reporting functions

Therefore, the major goal was to increase employee engagement and equally include the entirety of its workforce into a rewards and recognition program, regardless of the employees’ location and method of work, using the latest HR tech solution that’s progressive, integrable and scalable.

Results of using the Employee Recognition Platform*

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The Solution

The challenge to boost Evoqua’s people culture with a Rewards and Recognition tool was gleefully taken on by Semos Cloud’s teams. 

To accomplish easily accessible rewards to all employees, Semos Cloud delivered a custom-made solution that allows sending and receiving recognition via employees’ private emails, so everybody is included. 

Further on, Semos Cloud’s JobPts helped Evoqua achieve its company aims by incorporating the following elements into its comprehensive solution:

  • Program utilization report – a smart reporting system that showcases recognition dynamics across departments and various divisions of the company. 
  • Sender approval – allows managers control over who sends what kinds of recognitions
  • New hire Messages – automated and custom-made to mark the crucial Moments that Matter – company has option to choose who and what departments across the company receive it
  • The solution also features other Moments that Matter, such as the automated and customized service anniversary emails, as well as the corresponding points rewards, marking the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service.  
  • All emails sent within the culture and recognition platform are translated into 4 languages 
  • a multi-faceted recognition program comprising monetary, non-monetary, and pay-out recognition programs, that can be further customized to fit the changing needs of the company 
  • comprehensive reporting options due to solution being directly connected to HRIS – making all changes in company immediately visible to managers across teams, divisions, departments
  • Introducing peer-to-peer recognition 
  • Cash- and points-based systems of recognition, depending on current needs

Currently, all Evoqua employees receive rewards and recognition through varied communication channels that are most accessible to them. The company values are communicated across the workforce, strengthening inclusion of all Evoqua employees.

What Hailee (Milko) Ryskamp, Evoqua’s HR Manager had to say:

We have been impressed with Semos Cloud’s outstanding services, making the introduction of the new program smooth and straightforward. Semos Cloud supported us from the initial stages of implementation, through program adoption, to now successfully using the platform company-wide. Their support and guidance has greatly impacted how the new Rewards and Recognition solution was received by employees, and how we continue to recognize our most valuable resource – our people.

Hailee (Milko) Ryskamp, PHR, Senior Manager Total Rewards at Evoqua Water Technologies

The Results

Evoqua now boosts its company culture with the latest, state-of-the-art employee experience solution JobPts. As a result of the innovations that came with the JobPts, Evoqua has the solution that nourishes cultural alignment and a feeling of trust and belonging in all its employees. Workplace relationships are stronger, more inclusive, and appreciation for individual contributions has increased greatly.

Further on, the system is integrated with the core HR system, hence fit to respond to any current and upcoming company needs at the right moment. JobPts is a scalable, structured process and reporting system that helps managers to detect the covert dynamics in teams across departments and divisions, allowing them to interfere when necessary, and the agency to carry on the company culture in the day-to-day operations.

JobPts is as immersed in the employees’ flow of work as possible, minimizing the time employees need to engage with recognitions, and maximizing the program adoption. Simultaneously, the time Evoqua needed to expend on handling the platform was reduced to a minimum.

Why JobPts

Increasing employee engagement with a Rewards and Recognition program JobPts influences companies’ bottom line by reducing turnover, improving retention, and establishing an aligned and connected workforce that thrives with an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. 

JobPts comprises recognition programs, Moments that Matter, rewards and catalogs, and incentives and campaigns. Through employee recognition and celebrating Moments that Matter, we help Fortune 1,000 companies increase employee retention and improve employee engagement and productivity.

Some of the main reasons why employers choose JobPts include: 

  • Easy to implement and onboard 
  • Drives employee engagement and satisfaction 
  • Increases employee productivity 
  • Seamless use in the flow of work
  • User-friendly and easy to adopt 
  • Powerful analytics for better decision making 
  • Full integration of SAP Cloud Platform, SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP S/4HANA®, Oracle HCM and Microsoft Teams  
  • Easy to extend to other solutions from our employee experience suite: Wellbeing, Nurture and Skills 

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*The numbers for the results are approximate